Bryological Biology,introduction and Diverse Branches


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Author: Wu Pengcheng
Language: Chinese
Published on: 1998-01


Chapter 1.brief history of the bryological research
Chapter 2.taxonomy and systematic arrangement of the primary taxa of bryophytes
Chapter 3.the elemental structure of the gametophytes and sporophytes of bryophytes
Chapter 4.spore morphology of bryphytes.
Chapter 5.chromosomes and cytotaxonomy of bryophytes.
Chapter 6. physiology and biochemistry of bryophytes.
Chapter 7.molecular biology of bryophytes
Chapter 8 physiological ecology of bryphytes
Chapter 9 chemical constituents of bryophytes
Chapter 10.reproductive characteristic of bryophytes.
Chapter 11.tissue culture of bryophytes.
Chapter 12.bryophyte ecology
Chapter 13.flora,communities and distribution of bryophytes in Antarctic
Chapter 14.bryoflora and its geographical distribution patterns.
Chapter 15 fossils of bryophytes.
Chapter 16.bryophyte indicate for environment.
Chapter 17.relationships between bryophytes and mankind.

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