Butterfly Fauna of Taiwan Vol.1 Papilionidae

台湾蝶类志 第一卷 凤蝶科

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Author: Yu-Feng Hsu, Cha-Lung Huang and Jia-YuanLiang
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 9789860551570
Published on: 2018-01

The island of Taiwan is about 36,000 km2, thus only representing 0.024% of the earth's terrestrial surface, but butterflies proliferate across it. In the case of butterflies, the number of butterfly species in Taiwan, Japan (10 times of Taiwan in area) and Australia (213 times of Taiwan)are 380, 214 and 435 species, respectively, indicating that the diversity of butterflies in Taiwan far exceeds that of Japan and Australia, that is, the distinctiveness of Taiwans butterfly habitat in the world. Whether from an academic research, ecological conservation, or education promotion perspective, butterfly resources research is of great importance 
For the first time, a complete series of monographs and the associated islands butterfly resources have been collected and reviewed with the latest data on the current status; written in both English and Chinese, for five volumes in total, with the hope to complete in six or seven years. This year, the first two collections of the monographs on Papilionidae and Pieridae have been published in the hope of providing research and application to readers both at home and abroad. 
本册介绍了台湾32 种固定出现的种类,及一种偶产种,及其它6种非固定出现的蝶种。 
Butterfly Fauna of Taiwan Volume.1: Papilionidae” contains an introduction to each species that includes their Chinese names and synonyms, specimen inspection, adult morphology, global distribution, distribution in Taiwan, larval host plants, biology and remarks. Each species of butterfly is depicted in color photos of the backs, the abdomens, and dissected genitalia of both female and male. The “Butterfly Fauna of Taiwan” study was the first time a complete series of monographs regarding the island, and the associated butterfly resources have been collected and reviewed with the latest data on their current status written in both Chinese and English for five volumes in total.

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