Cambrian Stratigraphy and Trilobites from Southeastern Yunnan, China


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Author: Luo huilin
Language: Chinese with English summary
ISBN/ISSN: 9787541636257
Published on: 2010-01

The Cambrian strata in Southeastern Yunnan are well developed and contain abundant fossils. It is one of the important areas for studying Cambrian biostraigraphy and trilobite faunas in China. This book summarizes the Cambrian stratigraphy and biostratigraphy in Southeastern Yunnan and the area around China-Vietnam border. Division of lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, and chronostratigraphy in SE Yunnan are discussed in detail. A total of 19 fossil zonations within 11 Cambrian formations in sE Yunnan is established. Correlations of Cambrian strata, fossil zonations with other parts in China are also discussed. STratigraphic provinces in SE Yunnan are subdivided into 2 areas: the Pingbian area and the Funing Area. Geographical distribution, lithostratigraphy, thickness variation, and fossil assemblages in each area are discussed respectively. In addition, 15 outcrop sections are described in detail. In the section of trilobite systematic, 153 species, 83 genera, and 41 families (including 61 new species, 6 new generam and 1 new family) are described.

Chapter 1. Study history of Cambrian stratigraphy and trilobites in Southeastern Yunnan
Section 1. Cambrian Stratigraphy and trilobite zonation in China-Vietnam border areas
Section 2. Cambrian stratigraphy and trilobite zonation in Southeastern Yunnan
Section 3. Cambrian trilobites in both Southeastern Yunnan and China-Vietnam border areas

Chapter 2. Cambrian stratigraphy in Southeastern Yunnan
Section 1. Lithostratigraphy
Section 2. Biostratigraphy
Section 3. Chronostratigraphy

Chapter 3. Cambrian stratigraphic provinces in southeastern Yunnan
Section 1. Position of Southeastern Yunnan in Cambrian stratigraphic provinces of China
Section 2. Stratigraphic provinces and their sedimentary successions and fossil assemblages in Southeastern Yunnan

Chapter 4. Correlations of Cambrian strata of Southeastern Yunnan with their Counterparts in China
Section 1. Correlations of Early and Middle Cambrian strata with their equivalents in Yangtze region
Section 2. Correlations of Middle and Late Cambrian strata with their counterparts in North China and southern part of Northeast China

Chapter 5. Descriptions of Key Cambrian outerop sections in Southeastern Yunnan
Section 1. Outerop sections of Cambrian successions in the Pingbian area
Section 2. Outerop sections of Cambrian sequences in the funing area

Chapter 6. Systematic Trilobita
Class Trilobita Walch, 1771
Order Agnostida Salter, 1864
Order Redlichiida Richter, 1933
Order Corynexochida Kobayashi, 1935
Order Ptychopariida Swinnerton, 1915

Index of trilobite genera and species
English Summary
Fossil plate and explanation

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