Cambrian System of China and Korea Guide to Field Excursions


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Author: Peng Shanchi & Zhu Maoyan
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7312018289
Published on: 2005-01

This volume includes contributions from the Fourth International Conference on the Cambrian System, held in Nanjing, China, in august 2005. The conference was combined with the Tenth Field Conference of the Cambrian Stage Subdivision Working Group. Eight Field excursions to Classical Cambrian localities in China and South Korea were organized as a part of the meeting, although only six trips were run. This book contains guides to the field areas visited as part of the conference. As originally planned. Four pre-conference trips involved excursions to eastern and northern Guizhou, western Hubei, western Zhejiang, and western Shandong, China; and four post-conference trips involved excursions to eastern Yunnan, northwestern Hunan, and southern Shaanxi, China, as well as the Teabaekshan Basin, South Korea. Guides for the planned trips to western Zhejiang, China, and the Taebaeksan Basin are included here although the trips did not actually take place…….


2.Eastern Yunnan, South China
(1)Ediacaran-Cambrian boundary sections and Early Cambrian Chengjiang nonmineralized fossils in eastern Yunnan Province, southwestern China: Introduction
(2)Ediacaran-Cambrian boundary stratigraphy at Meishucun, Jinning County, and fossil quarries of the early Cambrian Chengjiang Biota near Haikou, Kunming City, Yunnan, China
(3)The Chengjiang Biota: an Early Cambrian nonmineralized fossil biota in Chengjiang ounty Yunnan Province, China
(4)Ediacaran-Cambrian boundary Section at Zhujiaqing, near Dahai,Huize County, Yunnan, China: potential stratotype section for subdivision of the First series of the Cambrian
3.Eastern and Northern Guizhou, south China
(1)Cryogenian, Ediacaran, and Cambrian Stratigraphy in deep—water facies of the Yangtze Platform at Wuhe, Taijiang County, Guizhou Province, China
(2)Introduction to the type section of the Kaili Formation, Danzhai, Guizhou Province, China
(3)Balang section, Guizhou, China: stratotype section for the Taijiangian Stage and candidate for GSSP of an unnamed Cambrian series
(4)Toushantuo Formation and the Weng’an Biota (Ediacaran), Weng’an County, Guizhou Province, China
(5)Niutitang Biota at Zhongnan Village, Songlin Town, Zunyi County, northern Guizhou Province, China
4.Northwestern Hunan, South China
(1)Silurian-Devonian Stratigraphy at Zhangjiajie, northwestern Hunan Province, China
(2)Cambrian-Ordovician stratigraphy at Luoyixi and Wangcun, Hunan Province, China: stratotypes for bases of the Wangcunian and Youshuian stages, and candidate stratotype for the base of an unnamed global stage defined by the FAD of Lejopyge laevigata
(3)Cambrian stratigraphy at Paibi, Hunan Province, China: GSSP and reference section for the base of the Furongian Series and the Paibian Stage
5.Eastern Yangtze Gorges Region, Hubei, South China
(1)Sinian and Cambrian in the eastern Yangtze Gorges Region, Hubei Province, China
6.Southern and Eastern-Central Shaanxi, China
(1)Neoproterozoic-Cambrian transition of the South China Plate and Cambrian of the North china Plate in Shaanxi Province: an introduction
(2)Stratigraphy and fossil record of the Neoproterozoic-Cambrian transition on the northern margin of the South China Plate (Ningqiang, shaanxi)
(3)Cambrian stratigraphy on the southwest margin of the North China Plate (Hancheng, Shaanxi)
7.Western Zhejiang and southern Anhui, south China
(1)Paleogeography and depositional history in the southern Anhui-western Zhejiang Region, China
(2)Cambrian sections at Dadoushan near Duibian, Jiangshan, western Zhejiang and candidate stratotype for the base of an unnamed global stage defined by the FAD of Agnostotes orientalis
(3)Cambrian of the Beigong-Tangcun area, Jiangxian, southern Anhui Province, China
8.Western Shandong, North China
(1)Brief introduction to the Cambrian of Shandong province, North China Platform
(2)Cambrian in the Zhangxia-Gushan-Chaomidian district and the Jiulongshan district, western Shandong Province, China
9.Taebaeksan Basin, Korea
(1)Cambrian-Ordovician Joseon Supergroup of the Taebaeksan Basin, Korea.

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