Carboniferous and Early Permian Stratigraphy and Palaeontology of Waluo District, Yanbian County, Sichuan Province, China


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Author: Tong Zhengxiang and Chen Jirong et al
Language: Chinese with Latin name and English abstract
ISBN/ISSN: 7536611528
1990; Paperback;185x260mm;365 pages with figures and plates

Waluo district Yanbian County is located in the southwest Sichuan province. It forms part of the Liangshan Yi nationality autonomous prefecture, in NW Yanbian county. Structurally the area is located to the west of the Yangtze palaeo-land, in the northwestern part of the NE-trending Qinghe, Yanbian structural zone.
The Carboniferous system has a total thickness of 628.48m in this area, and maybe subdivided, on the basis of lithofacies and palaeontological studies, into three new Formations; Yankou Formation, Xinbagou Formation and Zhigou Formation in ascending order.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Description of the stratigraphic section
Chapter 2 Stratigraphic subdivision and correlation
1. Lower Carboniferous – Yankon Formation
2. Middle Carboniferous – Xinbagou Formation
3. Upper Carboniferous – Zhigou Formation
4. Lower Permian Waluo Formation – with notes to the boundary between the Carboniferous and the Permian
Chapter 3 Systematic description of the Palaeontology
1. Fusulinida
2. Ruguosa
3. Brachiopoda
4. Gastropoda
5. Conodonts


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