Carboniferous Stratigraphy in China

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Author: Zhang Linxin
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7030001753
Published on: 1987-01

This book deals comprehensively with the determination of the series of the Carboniferous system in China, the upper, lower and internal boundaries of this system, the features and faunal provinces, the characters of the rock associations and biotic aspects of various stratigraphic provinces. It is one of the latest fruits of the Carboniferous biostratigraphic research in China.
It is presented to the 11th international congress of Carbonigerous stratigraphy and Geology, and may be used as a reference book by geologists, biostratigraphers and paleontologists as well as those engaged in scientific research or teaching.


1. Preface
2. List of Figures
3. List of Tables
4. Carboniferous Stratigraphic Provinces of China
5. Carboniferous Chronostratigraphic Units of China
(1) Series of Carboniferous System of China
(2) Establishment of stages
6. Features of Regional Stratigraphy
(1) South China Province
(2) North China Province
(3) Tianshan-Hinggan Province
(4) Northwest China Province
(5) Xizang-Western Yunnan Province
7. Biostratigraphic Boundary
(1) Lower Boundary of th eCarboniferous in China(2) The Boundary between Upper and Lower Carboniferous
(3) The Upper Boundary of the Carboniferous in China
8. Characters of Biozone
(1) Foraminifers
(2) Conodonts
(3) Ammonoids
(4) Brachiopods
(5) Corals
(6) Bryozoans
(7) Bivalves
(8) Plants
10. Index

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