Catalogue of Chinese Earthquake (1912 A.D - 1990 A.D Ms ≥ 4.7)

中國近代地震目錄(西元1912年 – 1990 年 Ms ≥ 4.7)

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Language: Chinese with English abstract
ISBN/ISSN: 7504627208
Published on: 1999-01

This catalog contains 3 parts.

The first part lists a catalogue of strong earthquakes with Ms ≥4.7 occurred in China and within 50 km region outside the border.

The second part consists of provincial Concise Catalogue (PCC),which include, besides the Ms ≥4.7 earthquakes in the Normal Catalogue, the Ms <4.7 earthquakes with available field survey information and those earthquakes, for which the 1983CCE gives Ms <4.7 but the corresponding provincial catalogue declares its magnitude Ms ≥4.7. When these earthquakes are incorporated into PCC, each of them is appended with the magnitude given by the provincial catalogue except for the 1983CCE reported magnitude. Moreover, PCC lists the earthquakes occurred in the open sea region of the yellow Sea, East Sea and South China Sea.

The third part is the Appendix, which lists the earthquakes with sparse or doubtful materials, making the earthquake parameters indeterminable or unreliable.

第一部分為Ms ≥4.7地震目錄,包括國內及邊境外50km範圍內的Ms ≥4.7級的破壞性地震目錄。
第二部分為分省目錄,除包括正目中Ms ≥4.7級的地震外,對於Ms <4.7但有宏觀資料者;以及少數《中國地震目錄》與各省地震目錄所定震級分別界於4.7以下和以上而難於取捨者,也編入分省目錄,並同時附上省目給出的震級。分省簡目中還列入了黃海、東海、南海公海部分的地震。

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