Catalogue of Cultures(Second Edition)

中国科学院微生物研究所菌种目录(英文版) 第二版

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Author: Li Zhongqing
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 75062020261
Published on: 1988-01
Soft Cover

This catalogue of cultures is the second edition compiled by the Department of Culture Collection, Institute of Microbiology, Academia Sinica (AS). In the first edition (Chinese edition) of the catalogue, 206genera, 932 species and 2900 strians hand listed in it, and hand been published by Scientific Publishing House in 1982. The present catalogue is the one of revivised and enlarged edition and publishing in English. There are 241 genera, 1088species and 4014 strains including bacteria, actinomycetes, yeasts, miro-filamentous fungi and basidiomycetes listed in the second edition. All of these cultures are preserved in AS. This catalogue will benefit to microbiological research, education and relative factory for selection and utilization of microbial resources. This catalogue will also acts as a bridge for international exchange.

Source of Cultures
Preservation of Cultures
Compilation of Catalogue
Deposit of Cultures
Ordering and Exchange of Cultures
Reviving and Lyophilized Strains
Catalogue of Strains
Bacteria Cultures
Actinomycetes Cultures
Yeasts Cultures
Miro-filamentous Fungi Cultures
Basidiomycetes Cultures
Appendix 1. Selected Cultures for Education
Appendix 2. List of Strains with Special Application
Appendix 3. List of Media
Appendix 4. Numerical Index

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