Cell Biology


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Author: Shen Daling Wu Chaoqun
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 730904903
Published on: 2006-01

chapter 1 introduction to cell biology
1.1 what is cell biology
1.2 the cell theory
1.3 cell is the basic unit of life
1.4 diversity of cells
1.5 the prokaryotic cell
1.6 the eukaryotic cell
1.7 morden cell biology
1.8 the technology of cell biology
1.9 training the scientists of tomorrow
chapter 2 chemical components of cells
2.1 chemical bonds
2.2 organic molecules
chapter 3 biomembrane and cell surface
3.1 components and structure of biomembranes
3.2 plasma membrane
3.3 transmembrane transport
3.4 cell junction and adhesion molecules
3.5 extracellular matrix and cell wall
chapter 4 intracellular compartments and transport
4.1 organelles
4.2 protein sorting inside cell
4.3 molecular mechanisms of vesicular transport
4.4 secretory pathways
4.5 endocytic pathways
chapter 5 mitochondria and chloroplasts
5.1 mitochondria and oxidative phosphorylation
5.2 chloroplasts and photosynthesis
5.3 the origins of chloroplasts and mitochondria
chapter 6 cytoskeleton
6.1 microtubules
6.2 actin filaments
6.3 intermediate filaments
chapter 7 cell communication and signaling
7.1 signaling molecules and their receptors
7.2 nitric oxide crosses the plasma membrane and actives intracellular enzymes directly
7.3 functions of cell surface receptors
7.4 signal network system
7.5 cell signaling and the cytoskeleton
7.6 cell communication in plants
chapter 8 nucleus and chromosomes
8.1 the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell
8.2 the nuclear envelope
8.3 structure of the nuclear pore complex and its role in nucleocytoplasmic exchange
8.4 chromosomes and chromatin
8.5 nucleolus and ribosome biogenesis
8.6 the nuclear matrix
chapter 9 cell cycle and cell division
9.1 an overview of the cell cycle
9.2 regulation of the cell cycle
9.3 cell division
chapter 10 cell differentiation
10.1 introduction
10.2 cells with potency of differentiation
10.3 stem cells
10.4 epigenetic view of cell differentiation
10.5 the major cell differentiation systems
chapter 11 cell senescence and apoptosis
11.1 senescence
11.2 apoptosis
11.3 senescence versus apoptosis
chapter 12 cells in immune system
12.1 the immune system

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