Cenozoic Mammals and Environment of Hengduan Mountains Region


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Author: Zong Guanfu
Language: Chinese with English summary
Published on: 1996-01

In this book, the Cenozoic mammalian fossils of the area under study include 106 species belonging to 63 genera of the 10 orders. There are thirteen new species among these. Some Human remains of later age were also found in certain sites. Narration of the species included the scientific name(with the author and date), the type(be collected from the region), the locality and horizon(age), the description and discussion. We have endeavored to group the species by their morphogenesis, affinities as well as chronologically and according to evolutionary lineage, where such are recognized.

Ten orders described: Lagomorpha Brandt, 1885; Rodentia Bowdich, 1821; Creodonta Cope, 1875; Condylarthra Cope 1881; Carnivora Bowdich, 1821; Hyracoidea Huxley, 1869; Proboscidea Illiger, 1811; Perissodactyla Owen, 1848; Artiodactyla Owen, 1848; Primates Linnaeus, 1758.

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