China Catalogue of Pharmaceutical Cultures (2006)(Zhongguo Yaoyong Weishengwu Junzhong Mulu)


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Author: Yueqin ZHANG
Language: Chinese, Latin name
ISBN/ISSN: 7802161436
Published on: 2006-01
Soft Cover

This book collects more than 2,000 strains , 370 species, over 90 genera.   It comprise of five parts:  Actinomycetes, bateria, fungi, yeasts and appendix. 本目录分五个部分:放线菌、细菌、真菌、酵母菌和附录,菌种的学名按拉丁字母顺序排列,每一学名附有中文译名,菌株号前冠有英文缩写,对每株菌注明其来源、主要活性或用途、培养培养温度。

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