China s Ongoing Reform and Opening Up


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Author: Baijia-Zhang
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787119093482
Published on: 2015-02


Chapter 1 
The Road to Reform and Opening Up 
A Century Dream: The Fight for the Chinese Nation During the Modern Era 
Hard Pioneering Stage: The Successes and Failures of the First Thirty Years of New China 
Searching for a New Path: Emancipating Minds and Throwing Off Shackles 
The Turning Point: Economic Development as the Central Task 
Chapter 2 
Wading Across the River by Feeling Out for Stones 
Early Tide of Reform: Reform Initiated from Both Political and Economic Perspectives 
Responding to Public Opinion: Fulfilling the Task of Putting Wrongs to Right 
Fixing Farm Output Quotas for Each Household: One Creative Initiative of Chinese Peasants 
Special Economic Zones: Windows of Opening to the Outside World 
Chapter 3 
Taking the Self—chosen Road 
Long—term Planning:“Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” and the “Three—step” Strategy 
Review of World Situation: Peace, Development and Independent Foreign Policy of Peace 
Urban Reform and Reforms in Other Areas Kept in Pace 
Standing the Test: Adopting Readjustment and Rectification Measures, and Quelling Political Disturbances 
Chapter 4 
Taking a Crucial Step Forward 
Setting the Goal: To Establish a Socialist Market Economic System 
Rule of Law: Strengthening Building of Legal System & Respecting and Protecting Freedom of Religious Belief 
Promoting Reunification of the Motherland: Return of Hong Kong and Macao and Improvement of Cross—Straits Relations 
New Prospects in Foreign Affairs: China's Diplomatic Work Gears Towards New Century 
A Generally Prosperous Society: Achieving the Objectives of First Two Steps of the “Three—step” Development Strategy 
Chapter 5 
Building a Moderately Prosperous Society in an All—round Way 
A New “Three—step” Strategy: A New Plan for Modernization 
Pursuing Scientific Development: Enforcing Overall Coordination and Deepening Reform 
Harmonious Society: Strengthening Social Development and Innovating Management Modes 
Fewer but Better Troops: Modernization of National Defense and Armed Forces 
Rising to Challenges: Extraordinary Courage and Determination Can Only Be Demonstrated in Extraordinarily Arduous Reform 
Goals Marking the Centenaries of CPC and PRC

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