China Today: Aviation Industry

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Author: Duan Zijun
Language: English
Published on: 1989-01

1.Part One
(1)The Founding and Initial Development of New China’s Aviation Industry (1951-1960)
(2)Establishing the Complete System of Aviation Industry (1961-1976)
(3)Stepping into a New Period of Development (1977-1986)
2.Part Two
(1)Development of Trainers and Fighters
(2)Development of Bombers, Attack Aircraft and Pilotless Aircraft
(3)Development of Transports, Helicopters and Light Aircraft
3.Part Three
(1)Development of Aeroengines
(2)Development of Airborne Equipment
(3)Development of Tactical Missiles
4.Part Four
(1)Aeronautical Research and Development in New China
(2)Research in Aerodynamics and Structural Strength
(3)Research in Aeroengine Technology
(4)Research in Avionics Technology
(5)Research in Aeronautical Materials and Manufacturing Technology
(6)Research in Flight Test Technology
(7)Research in Aeronautical Fundamental Technologies
5.Part Five
(1)Educational Undertaking of Aeronautics
(2)Capital Construction of Aviation Industry
(3)Management Systems of Aviation Industry
(4)Quality Control of Aviation Industry
(5)Cultivation of Idealogical Style in Aviation Industry
(6)Economic Relations, Trade and Scientific and Technological Exchanges with Other Countries
(7)The Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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