China Wind Power Repots 2007 (2-Volume Set)


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Author: Li Junfeng, Gao Hu
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 9787802096509
Published on: 2007-01

1 Resources and Development Potential
1.1 China’s wind energy resource
1.2 Supply and demand
2 Present Status of Development
2.1 Development of grid-connected wind farms
2.2 Installed capacity of wind power
2.3 Wind power development and the concession programme
2.4 Off-grid wind power generation
3 Development of Wind Turbine Manufacture in China
3.1 Wind turbine production
3.2 Components and accessory production
3.3 Profiles of major wind power companies
4 Prices for Wind Power Generation
4.1 History of wind power pricing systems
4.2 Current pricing policy for wind power
4.3 Effects of wind power pricing policy
4.4 Trend of wind power pricing policy
5 Wind Power Concession Projects
5.1 Concession bidding and evaluation procedure for power
5.2 Outline of the concession bidding procedure for wind power
5.3 Analysis of the results and impacts of concession project bidding
6 Wind Power and the Environment
6.1 Environment benefits of wind Power
6.2 Environment impacts of wind power
7 Key Regions for Wind Power Development
7.1 Inner mongolia autonomous region
7.2 Hebei province
7.3 Liaoning province
7.4 Jilin province
7.5 Guangdong province
7.6 Xinjiang uighur autonomous region
7.7 Jiangsu province
7.8 Shandong province
8 Development Outlook and Policy Recommendation
8.1 Lesson learned
8.2 Issues for wind power development
8.3 Risks involved in investing in wind power
8.4 Development perspectives
8.5 Policy recommendations
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