China's Health Statistics Yearbook 2008


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Language: Chinese
ISBN/ISSN: 9787811360578
2008; Hardcover;

"China's Health Statistics Yearbook" is a development of the cause of the Chinese health and the health status of the annual information. The book includes national and 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, health and development of the cause of the current health of the residents
of statistical data, and an important year history of National Statistics data.The book "China's Health Statistics Yearbook," the 2008 volume, incorporated elements of which are contained to the end of 2007. The book is divided into 15 parts, namely 1. And health care institutions, 2. Health personnel, 3. Sanitation facilities, 4. Health funding, 5. Medical services, 6. Agriculture and Community Health, 7. Maternal and child health care, 8. The health of the people level And the nutritional status of 9. Disease Control and public health; 10. Residents of injury cause of death, 11. Health Supervision 12. Medical education and research; 13. Demographic indicators. Followed by: the main socio-economic indicators, China's health situation of the world's major countries. Parts of the former a "brief description" and "explain the main statistical indicators", "a brief description," a brief overview of the main elements of this chapter, sources of information, statistics of the statistical methods and historical changes in the First, health institutions and a brief description of key indicators to explain.

Table of Contents

1-1-1 number of health institutions
1-1-2 2007 years a number of regional health authorities
1-1-3 in 2007 several types of health
1-2-1 2007 the Medical number of agencies
1-2-2 2007 years a number of regional medical institutions (non-profit)
1-2-3 2007 years a number of regional medical institutions (profit)
1-3-1 2007 of the Hospital, the Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the Hospital for Disease Control and Prevention specialist level of the situation
1-3-2 2007 level of district hospitals in all circumstances
1-4-1 2007, by a number of sub-bed hospital, maternal and child health care hospital (the stand) and the specialist hospital for Disease Control and Prevention (the stand) number
1-4-2 2007 in all regions by several groups of hospital beds a few
1-4-3 2007, by number of beds in hospitals in several sub-groups
1-4-4 2007 years according to the number of beds in the region of sub-community health service centers (stations) number


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