China's New Diplomacy and the Changing World


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Author: Xing-Qu
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787501246779
Published on: 2014-06


Part Ⅰ
Opening a New Page in China's Foreign Relations
Under Complicated Changing International Circumstances
Yang Jiechi
Characteristics of the International Situation and
Innovations in China's Diplomacy in 2013
Qu Xing
Winning the Next Decade: China's Multi—pivot Diplomacy
Ruan Zongze
New Period: A Magnificent Opening for
the Chinese Diplomacy
Yin Chengde
Part Ⅱ
World Economy and Regional Integration
We Should Not Be Scared by the TPP
Chen Dezhao
The RCEP and China's Strategy from the Perspective
of Participatory Rule—Making
Zhao Longvue
The TTIP's Threefold Impact on China
Wang Yiwei
International Financial Integration and
Systemically Important Financial Institutions
Liu Ming
Predicament of and Challenges to Emerging Economies
Ding Yifan
The Moderate Recovery of the US Economy
Zhou Shijian
Part Ⅲ
International Security
An Overall Assessment of
the International Security Situation in 2013
Yang Yi
US Rebalancing to Asia and the Role of the US—ROK Alliance
Zhang Jingquan
Strategy of Rebalance to the Asia—Pacific
in Obama's New Term and US Ideological Export
Fang Guangshun & Ma Qiang
Island Disputes in Northeast Asia:
Research on the Changing International Order
Zhang Lili
Part Ⅳ
New Changes in Regional Situation
The Development of American Power and
Prospects for Sino—US Relations
Li Changjiu
Egypt's Chaos: No End in Sight
Liu Baolai
A Rocky Road for Arab Nations and
the US'Weakening Capacity to Dominate Middle East Affairs
An Huihou
Trends and Developments in the Strategic Situation
of South Asia
Ma Jiali
Some Views on Current Situation in Latin America
Jiang Shixue
Part Ⅴ
Chinese Diplomacy
President Xi Jinping's Visit to Africa and
New Developments in Sino—African Relations
Liu Hongwu
The Past, Present, and Future of Sino—French Relations
Xing Hua
Advantages of Balanced Development of China—India
and China—Pakistan Relations for South Asia
Zheng Ruixiang
"Snk Road Economic Belt": A Dynamic New Concept
for Geopolitics in Central Asia
Pan Zhiping
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