Chinese Acupressure Therapy

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Author: Wang Zhaopu
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7119020560
Published on: 1999-01

This book consists of three chapters. The first chapter includes a general introduction, a brief history of the therapy, points of attention in clinical application, modes of manipulation, indications and contraindications, and a list of acupoints and stimulation-lines. The second chapter deals with the clinical application of the therapy in treating diseases of the nervous system and the system of bones and joints, and some common syndromes. It also includes case reports. The third chapter dwells on clinical and laboratory research, including a number of case reports on the sequelae of cerebral birth in jury, cerebral trauma and injury of the spinal column.

Chapter One General Introduction
Section I Origin of Acupressure Therapy and Its Current Status
Section II What Is Acupressure
Section III General and Local Effects of Acupressure Therapy
Chapter Two Clinical study
Section I Diseases of the Nervous System
Section II Diseases of the Spinal Column
Section III Diseases of Bones and Joints
Chapter Three Scientific Research on Acupressure Therapy
Section I Clinical and Experimental Research on the Effect of Acupressure Therapy in Treating Sequelae of Cerebral Trauma, Cerebral Birth Injury and Incomplete Injury of the Cervical Segment of the Spinal Cord
Section II Research on ghe Effect of Acupressure and Its Mechanism as the Main Therapy in Treating Sequelae of Cerebral Birth Injury

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