Chinese Forestry (2006-2010)


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Published on: 2013-05
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Chinese Forestry (2006-2010),《中国林业年鉴(2006-2010)(英文版)》明确提出要全面推动我国公民科学素质建设,通过发展科学技术教育、传播与普及,尽快使全民科学素质在整体上有大幅度提高,实现到本世纪中叶我国成年公民具备基本科学素质的长远目标。《中国林业年鉴(2006-2010)(英文版)》的发布实施,为开展林业从业人员科学素质建设指明了方向。

Chapter 1 Summary of Chinese Forestry Sector
1.1 Reform and development of forestry sector
1.2 An overview of forestry development in China
Chapter 2 Key Forestry Programs
2.1 Natu ral Forest Protection Program
2.2 Farmland Conversion to Foresl Program
2.3 Fast-growing and Highyield Forest Program for key regions
2.4 Beijing-Tianjin Sandstorm Source Control Prog ram
2.5 Three-Noah Shelterbelt Establishment Program
Chapter 3 Forest Cultivation and Ecological Improvement
3.1 Forest seed and seedling production
3.2 Forest parks and forest tourism
3.3 Oiltea camellia industry.
3.4 Sand prevention and control
3.5 Afforestation and g reening
Chapter 4 Foresl Resoume Protection and Forest Administration&
4.1 Natu re reserve construction
4.2 Wildlife conservation and management
4.3 Wild plant conservation and management
4.4 Endangered wild fauna and flora impod-export manaoement and
CITES compliance
4.5 Wetland protection
4.6 Forest fire prevention
4.7 Forest public security
4.8 Foresl resources management
Chapter 5 Forestry Industry
Chapter 6 Forestry Policies and Legislations
Chapter 7 Collective Forest Tenure Reform
Chapter 8 Forestry Science and Technology
8.1 An overview of forestry science and technology
8.2 Chinese Academy of Forestry
Chapter 9 Forestry Education and Training
9.1 An overview
9.2 Forestry talent development
9.3 Beijing Forestry University(BFU)
9.4 No~heast Forestry University(NFU)
9.5 Nanjing Forestry University(NJFU)
9.6 Central South University of Forestry and Technology(CSUFT)
Chapter 10 Forestry Opening-up
10.1 International cooperation and exchanges in
forestry sector
10.2 Foreign capital utilization
Chapter 11 Development of State-owned Forest Farms(Nurseries)
and Forestry Workstations
11.1 State.owned foresl farms
11.2 Forestry workstations
Chapter 12Forestry Statistics
12.1 Forestry planning and finance
12.2 Forestry funds management
12.3 Forestry funding examination
12.4 Internal auditing of forestry sector
Chapter 13 Forestry Publicity
13.1 China Forestry Publishing House
13.2 Newspaper Office of china Green Times
Chapter 14 Forestry Development in Provinces(Autonomous
Regions and Municipalities、
14.1 Beijing Municipality
14.2 Tianjin Municipality
14.3 Hebei Province
14.4 Shanxi Province
14.5 Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
14.6 Inner Mongolia Forest Industry Group
14.7 Liaoning Province
14.8 Jilin Province
14.9 Jilin Forest Industry Group Corporation
14.10 Heilongjiang Province
14.11 Longjiang Forest Industry(G roup)Corporation
14.12 Daxina’anling Forestry Group Corporation
14.13 Shanghai Municipality
14.14 Jiangsu Province
14.15 Zhejiang Province
14.16 Anhui Province
14.17 Fujian Province
14.18 Jiangxi Province
14.19 Shandong Province
14.20 Henan Province
14.21 Hubei Province
14.22 Hunan Province
14.23 Guangdong Province
14.24 Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
14.25 Hainan Province
14.26 Chongqing Municipality
14.27 Sichuan Province
14.28 Guizhou Province
14.29 Yunnan Province
14.30 Tibet Autonomous Region
14.31 Shaanxi Province
14.32 Gansu Province
14.33 Qinghai Province
14.34 Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
14.35 Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
14.36 Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps
Chapter 1 5 Institutions Directly under the State
Administration of Forestry
15.1 Economic and Development Research Center
15.2 The Center for Talent Development and Exchange
15.3 Academy of Forest Inventory and Planning
15.4 State Academy Of Forestry Administration
15.5 International Center for Bamboo and Rattan
15.6 GeneraI Station Of Foresl Pesi Management
15.7 Northeast AeriaI Forest Protection Center
15.8 Southwest General Station for Aerial Forest Protection
15.9 Central South Institute of Forest Inventory,Planning and Design
15.10 East China Institute of Forestry Inventory,Planning and Design
15.11 Northwest Institute of Forestry Inventory,Planning and DesignI
Chapter 16 Forestry Social Organizations
16.1 China Society of Forestry
16.2 China Wildlife Conservation Association
16.3 China Flower Association
16.4 China Forestry Industry Federation
16.5 China G reen Foundation

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