Chinese Leaf Beetles


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Author: Yang Xingke
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030468840
Published on: 2016-03
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Chinese Leaf Beetles,There are 260 genera and 2304 species and subspecies of leaf beetles recorded in China, that belong to three subfamilies under consideration. Among them, 397 species and 36 genera are from Chrysomelinae, 1054 species and 124 genera are from Galerucinae, and 835 species and 100 genera are from Alticinae. Compare to the book of the Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera) of China and Korea, subfamily Chrysomelinae which treats 8 genera and 206 species and subspecies, 28 genera and 191 species and subspecies has been added;in Galerucinae, 30 genera, 527 species and subspecies have been added (previously 94 genera and 527 species and subspecies); in Alticinae 37 genera, 543 species and subspecies have been added (previously 63 genera and 310 species and subspecies). Thirty one new genus and 996 new species and subspecies were recorded to China. At the same time, many genera and species were revised or synonymized.
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Subfamily Chrysomelinae Lacordaire, 1845
Subfamily Galerucinae Chevrolat, 1845
I. Tribe Oidini Weise
II. Tribe Galerucini Laboissiere
III.Tribe Metacyclini Leng
IV. Tribe Hylaspini Silfverberg
V. Tribe Luperini Leng
Subfamilia Alticinae Chujo, 1953

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