Chinese Pharmaceutical Yearbook 2008


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Language: Chinese
Published on: 2008-01

"China Pharmaceutical Yearbook" is a comprehensive, systematic records of the pharmacy areas of the calendar year development profile and success in the series of historical materials of the tool. Founded in 1982, year after year for publishing, 2008 Volume is the total so far published 24 volumes. "China Pharmaceutical Yearbook" as the only academic medicine in China's annual public offering, with the information rich and focused distinctive feature of a Kam, 2001 at the same time it is known to Kam to the powerful social services.
"China Pharmaceutical Yearbook," the 2008 book Total Volume 1210000 words, a total of 11 major sections: the theory and pharmaceutical research, pharmacy education, medicine production and circulation, the hospital pharmacy, medicine supervision and management, pharmacy figures, Society and academic activities and pharmaceutical books, pharmacy notes, appendix, which lured F-han all aspects of the field of medicine. Guidebook topharmacy records for career development center, prominent subjects characteristics and strive to reflect China's new progress in the field of
pharmacy and new situations, leading authorities to provide decision-making basis for the majority of pharmaceutical workers provide rich useful information.

1. Monographs;
2. Pharmaceutical Research;
3. Pharmacy education;
4. Pharmaceuticals production and circulation;
5. Hospital Pharmacy;
6. Drug Administration
7. Pharmacy figures
8. Institute and academic activities;
9. Pharmacy publications;
10. Pharmacy Chronicle;
11. Appendix,

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