Chinese Tartary Buckwheat


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Author: Zhao Gang, Shan Fang
Language: Chinese
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030231673
Published on: 2009-01


Chapter 1 Basic Concepts on Tartary Buckwheat
1. The Significance of Tartary Buckwheat Production
2. Distribution and Production of Chinese Tartary Buckwheat
3. Exploitation and Application
Chapter 2 Tartary Buckwheat’s Biological Characteristics
1. Root
2. Stem
3. Leaf
4. Flower and Inflorescence
5. Fructification
6. Pollen Grain
7. Growth and Development
Chapter 3 The origin, Distribution and Evolution of Tartary Buckwheat
1. Taxonomy Position
2. Origin, Evolution and Propagation
3. Distribution and Ecosystem
Chapter 4 Germplasm Resources and Hereditary Breeding of Tartary Buckwheat
1. Collection, Categorization and Preserve of Chinese Tartary Buckwheat Germplasm Resources
2. Essential Tartary Buckwheat Germplasm Resources
3. Cytogenetics
4. Isoenzyme
5. Hereditary Breeding
6. Stock Breeding
Chapter 5 High Yield Cultivation Techniques on Tartary Buckwheat
1. Crop Rotation System
2. Tilth and Land Preparation
3. Manuring Techniques
4. Sowing
5. Reasonable Thick Planting
6. Pest and Disease Control
7. Harvest and Preserve
8. Organic and Green Cultivation Techniques of Tartary Buckwheat
Chapter 6 Nutrients and Health Ingredients in Tartary Buckwheat
1. Nutriology Evaluation
2. Proteins and Ploypeptide
3. Phenols and Bioflavonoids
4. D-chiro-Inositol and Fagopyritols
Chapter 7 Extraction, Isolation and Identification of Tartary Buckwheat Flavonoids
1. Chemical Composition and Physico-chemistry Properties
2. Extraction Methods
3. Isolation and Purification Methods
4. Concentration and Drying of Flavonoids Extracts
5. Qualitative/Quantitative Examination and Structure Identification
6. Absorption, Distribution and Metabolism of Flavonoids
7. Examples in Tartary Buchwheat Flavonoid Application
Chapter 8 Pharmacology and Clinical Researches on Tartary Buckwheat
1. Pharmaceutical Components and Pharmacologic Actions
2. Clinical Researches
3. Food Therapy and Empirical Prescriptions
Chapter 9 Tartary Buckwheat Nutrition Food and Health Care Products
1. Manufacture of Traditional Tartary Buckwheat Food
2. Production and Development of New Type Tartary Buckwheat Food
3. Trends in Tartary Buckwheat Products Development

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