Chinese-English Illustrated Tuina Therapies for Common Diseases

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Author: Chief Complier: Jin Hongzhu
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 9787532386345
Published on: 2006-01

The book stresses on how to treat common diseases with Tuina therapy by the aid of many pictures and illustrations. It also discusses many practical Tuina manipulations including the manipulations used in pediatric Tuina therapy, as well as the diagnosis and treatment procedures for those common diseases. The book is expounded in four chapters. The first chapter introduces more than 30 kinds of frequently used manipulations and also elucidates the essentials of Tuina manipulations, procedures of practice and precautions during practice. The second chapter discusses the close relations between Tuina therapy and the theory of meridians, collaterals and
acupoints. The third chapter, in a brief way but to the point, illustrates the clinical manifestations, diagnosis and Tuina treatments of about 50 diseases of the adults and Children. The fourth chapter, in the form of 12 series of movements, introduces the self-health-Tuina exercise.

Chapter 1 Manipulations in Tuina Therapy
1. Essentials of Manipulations
2. Approaches of Manipulation Practice
3. Precautions in the Training of Manipulations
4. Contraindications of Tuina Therapy
5. The Media Substances Used in Tuina Therapy
6. Commonly Used Tuina Manipulations
Chapter 2 Commonly Used Meridians, Collateral & Points in Tuina Therapy
1. Meridians
2. Muscle Regions, Divergent Meridians and Cutaneous Regions
3. Points and specific points
Chapter 3 Tuina Treatment for Frequently-Seen Disorders
1. Treatment of Frequently-Seen Disorders In Adults
2. Tuina Treatment for Commonly Seen Infantile Diseases
Chapter 4 Self-Healthcare Tuina Therapy
1. Stabilizing Kidney and Benefiting Essence Method
2. Strengthening Spleen and Benefiting Stomach Method
3. Soothing liver and Benefiting Gallbladder Method
4. Dispersing Lung and Benefiting Qi Method
5. Soothing Heart and Calming Mind Method
6. Sedating Mind and Benefiting Sleep
7. Allaying Fatigue Method
8. Exciting Method
9. Regulating Yin-yang Method
10. Warming and Moistening Hair Method
11. Strengthening Hearing to Benefiting Intelligence by Method
12. Removing Obstruction from Nose Method

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