Civilization in Transition and China s World Dream


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Author: Shuchun-Zhou
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787119086286
Published on: 2014-10

“建设持久和平、共同繁荣的和谐世界”这一被 喻为“中国的世界观”的新理念进入国际社会视野8 年后,中国新一届领导集体以更加具象的话语加以确 认和阐发。中国推动建设“和谐世界”的主张,回答 了当代世界的突出问题,即我们需要建设一个什么样 的世界以及怎样建设这个世界。周树春著的《中国的 世界梦和人类文明的转型(英文版)》在概括“和谐世 界”的基本内容和核心问题的基础上,从“和谐世界 ”从哪里来、“和谐世界”何以能够实现、“和谐世 界”能给世界带来什么三个方面,对这一理念进行深 入浅出的探讨和阐释,努力揭示“和谐世界”作为一 种新的文明范式对于世界发展趋势的规律性认识,以 及“和谐世界”对于构建一个相互依存、共同发展的 整体性世界的重大意义。 

Chapter 1 Interpreting Chinas Dream 1. What the New World View Means 2. Why a Harmonious World Is Possible 3. What Problems Inspired the Chinese "IheoryChapter 2 The Global System: a Historical Context 1. World History Created by Capitalists 2. An Interdependent Global System 3. Interest Structure in the New Era 4. The Fall of the Hobbes DoctrineChapter 3 Towards a New Multi-polar World Order 1. Brief History of the "Polar Pattern" 2. Speculation as to the FutureChapter 4 Building a New Idealistic Order 1. Order from Division of Powers 2. History of Concept Evolution 3. Chinas Views Advancing with the TimesChapter 5 Governance Mechanism Helping to Tide Over Difficulties 1. The Rise of and Doubts about "Global Governance" 2. Governance Outlook in Face of the Realities 3. The New Pattern of DevelopmentChapter 6 Human Civilization beyond Ourselves 1. Human Civilization Advancing in Integration 2. Rise and Dilemma of Western Civilizations 3. The National Cultures of Developing CountriesChapter 7 A Transforming World Oudook 1. New Times in World History 2. A New Concept of Human Civilization 3. The Times Call for a New World OutlookChapter 8 Chinese Contributions Accommodating the East and the West 1. A New Frontier of Chinese Civilization 2. The Strategic Choice of a Peaceful Development Path 3. The Global Significance of the Scientific Outlook on Development 4. Civilized Rationality in the 21st CenturyBibliographyBooksTranslated booksArticles 

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