Clinical Applications -The Yellow Emperor's Canon on Internal Medicine(1)


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Author: Wang Hongtu
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
Published on: 1999-01

1. Editor's Note
2. Foreword
3. Introduction: Principles, methods and dietary regulation in treating diseases according to the Internal Canon
4. Treatment Principles
(1) Characteristics of the treatment principles included in the Internal Canon
(2) Treatment principles introduced in the Internal Canon
5. Treatment Methods
(1) Acupuncture treatments
(2) Herbal therapy
(3) Other therapies
6. Nursing Care and Regulation
(1) Dietary nursing care and regulation
(2) Regulatin of heat and cold and exercising the limbs
(3) Regulation of spirit and emotion
7. Clinical Applications: The Exogenous Diseases and Syndromes
(1) Wind diseases and syndromes
(2) Cold diseases and syndromes
(3) Summer heat diseases and syndromes
8. Dampness Diseases and Syndromes
(1) Damp Pathogen on the Surface of the Body
(2) Damp Pathogen on limbs and meridians
(3) Damp pathogen on the sanjiao zang fu organs
9. Dryness Diseases and Syndromes
(1) Dryness induced exterior syndromes
(2) Dryness impairing the configuration and orifices
(3) Dryness damagine the lungs
(4) Dryness impairing the stomach and intestines
10. Fire and Heat Syndromes
(1) Pints manipulated to treat heat syndromes
(2) Treatment is given by differentiating heat in six meridians
(3) Treatment of febrile diseases according to initial symptoms
(4) Treatment of febrile diseases according to the pulse
(5) Treatment according to the primary associated symptoms
(6) Differentiation and treatment of the febrile diseases of the five internal organs
(7) Heat induced Six fu Organ disorders and the syndrome of heat entering th uterus

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