Clinical Essentials of Contemporary Series Chinese Medicine--Chinese Herbal Medicine


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Author: Liu Gongwang
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7508022823
Published on: 2001-01

General Introduction
Chapter 1 Initiation from Shennong Tasting Materia Medica
Chapter 2 Medical Properties of Traditional Chinese Drugs
Chapter 3 Application of Chinese Drugs
PART 1 Purgatives and Tonifying Drugs
Chapter 1 The Drugs for Relieving the Exterior Syndromes
Chapter 2 Purgatives
Chapter 3 Drugs for Invigorating Deficiency
PART 2 Cold-natured Drugs and Hot-natured Drugs
Chapter 4 Drugs for Clearing Away Heat
Chapter 5 Drugs for Warming the Interior
PART 3 Drugs for Qi and Blood Diseases
Chapter 6 Drugs for Regulating Qi
Chapter 7 Drugs for Treating Blood Disorders
PART 4 Drugs for Expelling Water-dampness
Chapter 8 Drugs for Expelling Wind-dampness
Chapter 9 Drugs for Resolving Dampness with Fragrant Taste
Chapter 10 Drugs for Inducing Diuresis and Excreting Dampness
PART 5 Drugs for Treating Phlegm, Coughing and Asthma
Chapter 11 Drugs for Removing Phlegm
Chapter 12 Drugs for Releving Cough and Asthma
PART 6 Drugs for Mental Diseases
Chapter 13 Tranquilizing Drugs
Chapter 14 Drugs for Calming the Liver to Stop the Wind
Chapter 15 Drugs for Inducing Resuscitation
Chapter 16 Drugs for Improving Appetite and Digestion and Removing Food Stagnation
Chapter 17 Anthelmintics
Chapter 18 Drugs for External Use

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