Clouds Over the Xizang Plateau


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Author: Guo Enming
Language: Chinese
Published on: 1985-01

The book written by the author after a tour of investigation of clouds over the Plateau, by using of photography, lightning recorder and radar information. Colour photos of clouds and meteors were taken from the ground and aircrafts. Ground and satellite observational data as well as radiosonde records were collected for primary analyses and studies of clouds in the area of Lasa, Rikaze, Dingri, Pali, Linzhi, Milin, Naqu and other places.

This book contains the main descriptions on the natural conditions of cloud formation, clouds over the Xizang Plateau which include Cumulus, Cumulonimbus (Particularly hail-bearing clouds and their macro/micro-physical structures), Stratocumulus, Stratus, Nimbostratus, Altostratus, Altocumulus and Cirrus. Specific cloud forms over the Xizang plateau, the transition of different clouds, clouds over the Hengduan Mountain Range and over Mount Zhumulangma, and various meteors are also carried in this work.

There are a total of 157 colour pictures in this book, each with a brief caption describing the evolution of the clouds or meteors. The book provides a reference for persons engaged in meteorological observation: weather forecasting, aeronautical meteorology and meteorological education.

1. Preface
2. Natural conditions of cloud formation over the Plateau
3. Cumulus over the Plateau
4. Cumulonimbus over the Plateau
5. Hail-bearing clouds over the Plateau
6. Stratocumulus over the Plateau
7. Nimbostratus over the Plateau
8. Stratus over the Plateau
9. Altostratus
10. Altocumulus
11. Cirrus over the Plateau
12. Specific cloud forms over the Plateau
13. Transition of clouds over the plateau
14. Clouds over the Hengduan Mountain Range
15. Clouds over Mount Zhumulangma
16. Plates and Legends

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