Coal Geology of China (Vol.13)


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Author: Sponsored by China National Administration of Coal Geology
Language: Chinese
Published on: 2001-01


1. Coal Geology
(1) The geological structural features in Tonger mine of Fengfeng coalfield
(2) New understanding on age and correlation of Jixi group and Longzhaogou group in Eastern Heilongjiang Province
(3) The main controlled factors of Late Paleozoic coal-accumulation in Ningxia Region
(4) Simple explanation on changeable law and influential factors of thickness of II coal-bed in Shoushan No.1 well
(5) Clay mineral composition of argillite in Yuxian coal-field and its geological significance
(6) Coal metamorphic law of II : coal bed in Anhe coal-field
(7) Review on coal liquefied function and the outer environment of liquefied plant in Yulin and Shenmu
(8) A new counting method on ignition depth of coal bed
2. Coal Bed Gas
(1) Shut-in pressure measuring and pressure releasing test in the expulsion and production of coal bed gas well
(2) Probe into the influence factors on permeability of coal reservoirs
(3) Hydrogeological controlled properties of coal bed gas in Central-southern Qinshui Basin
3. Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology
(1) Research on drainage method of bedrock aquifer in Yuanbaoshan opencut mine
(2) Preserving law of unit karst ground water in Yima area of Henan Province
(3) Evaluation on influences of coal exploitation for underground water resources in Shanxi province
(4) Research on the geothermal resources of Southern Jiangsu Province
(5) Influences of ground-water exploitation to the stability of embankment on the bank of Huanghe River in Zhengzhou
(6) Elementary explanation on excavation dewatering project of telecom synthetic building in Zhoukou
(7) Constructional techniques on trestle engineering of deep foundation pit in "Haiyin garden" of Guangzhou
(8) Ground stabilization effect of cement fly-ash gravel pile and its applications
4. Geophysical Exploration and Drilling
(1) Heighten resolution of seismic informations through application of wavelet transform and combine of logging and seismic
(2) Application of comprehensive geophysical prospecting method in the exploration of water resources
(3) Study on application of electrical prospecting in the coal exploration of Hunan Province
(4) Applications of prompt-gamma neutron activation for coalfield logging
5. Exchange of Technology
(1) Research on automatic marking of borehole with AutoCAD 15


1. Special Review
(1) Situation of mineral resources and planning thinking of development in China
2. Coal Geology
(1) Research on division of natural coke and anthracite with comprehensive method in Juye coal-field
(2) Coal control by structure in Shagou-Baiynaghe area of Zhunnan coal-field
(3) Research on relationship between sequence strata and coal-accumulation of Late Palaeozoic coal-accumulating basin in Northern China
(4) Sequence stratigraphic features and coal-accumulating laws of Permian basin in Southern China
(5) Preservative law of harmful elements in coal of Late Permian Epoch and its environmental geological problems in Southern Guizhou Province
(6) Preservative features of rare elements and its prospect of exploitation and application in coal-bearing strata of Dagaozhuang mine field
(7) Influences of magmatic activity to the coal-beds of Wuguiqiao mine field in Queshan county
(8) Laws and features of coal spontaneous combustion in Baiyanghe-Sigonghe area of Zhunnan coal-field
(9) Geological features of salt deposit in Tianhuan syncline of Ordos basin
(10) Applications of coal resources and coal surveying prospect in Jiangsu province
(11) Analyses on state and situation of coal resources in Henan Province
3. Coal Bed Gas
(1) Probe into several problems on selective area and evaluation of coal bed gas
(2) Genetical type time area distribution and gas controlled features of coal reservoir eaprock in China
(3) Probe into relationship between sequence strata and coal bed gas
(4) Research on coal bed gas of B4 coal-bed in Fengcheng Mining area
(5) Analyses on exploiting prospect of coal bed gas resources in Henan Province
(6) Exploiting prospect of coal bed gas resources in zhunnan coal-field
4. Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology, Environgeology
(1) Research on application of select route with remote sensing in Yanqi basin section of expressway
(2) Preservative law of karst water and prospect of exploitation in Yunwushanpengyang of Ningxia
(3) Analyses on exploiting prospect of water in old coal mining area
(4) Hydrogeological Features of Karst water system in Longzici spring of Linfen, and its prospects of exploitation and application
(5) Judge on hydraulic connection of groundwater systems in Tengnan mining area with gray related degree method
(6) Internal force calculating isobeam method of cantilever type underground wall in layered soil
(7) Working measures of dig hole pile and dispose on consolidation of soft rocks
(8) Applications of deviating index in the evaluation of environmental quality
(9) Harm of surface subsidence and control method in Changzhou city
(10) Present situation and methods of prevention and cure on water quality pollution of Anbang River
5. Geophysical Exploration and Drilling
(1) Two dimensional geoelectric photographic technique applied in the exploration of engineering geology and environgeology
(2) Realized lithological judgement in actual time with instrument of drilling parameters
(3) Applications on seismic techniques of multiwave and multicomponent in the exploration of coal-field
(4) Research on processing techniques of wave impedance and its applications
(5) Comprehensive prospecting effects of Nan3 and Nan4 mining areas in Fangezhuang coal mine
(6) New fetch trace method before stacking of three-dimensional seismic prospecting in coal mine of mountain area
(7) Surveying on karst and karst cave with shallow seismic technology
(8) Evaluation on water richness of Ordovician limestone in south-western Shandong coal-field with comprehensive prospecting method
(9) Inferential interpretation out of spontaneous combustion area of coal in magnetic surveying
(10) Research on digital reducible algorithm of geophysical exploration
(11) Application of hobbing drill bit in the piling construction
(12) Research on form complete set of geothermal drilling techniques
(13) Application of drilling technique of pumping reverse circulation in piling construction
(14) Application of air circulation drilling in the engineering exploration
(15) Probe into winding factors of drill hole from two directional drill holes
(16) Depth theory calculation and deepen testing of air reverse circulation drilling
6. Exchange of Technology

No. 3

1. Coal Geology
(1) Features of coal-controlled structure and its evolutional process in Jiangoushan mining area
(2) The Structural characteristics and forming mechanism in changfushan minefield of Longyong Coalfield
(3) Features of Rixi Coal basin in Cuowa township of Zhikang county, Tibet Autonomous Region
(4) Research on sedimentary features of coal and halogen minerals of Neogene Period in Tarim Basin and the south area of it
(5) Depositional features of braided river in Xuanwei formation of Enhong-Fuyuan region Eastern Yunnan coal-field
(6) Features of coal metamorphism and influence factors of II1 coal-bed in Jiaozuo coal-field
(7) Contrast research on trace elements of Late Permian and Late Triassic coals in North-eastern Jiangxi Province
(8) Preservative law of Germanium deposit in Shengli coal-field of Inner Mongolia and its direction of ore-search
(9) Prospecting and exploitative present situation and sustainable of coal resources in Xinjiang
2. Coal Bed Gas
(1) Opportunity and challenge on industrialize development of coal bed gas in China
(2) Features of coal bed gas resources in deep of Tanjiachong and Liwangmiao mine
(3) Preservative law and influence factors of coal bed gas in II1 coal-bed of Baiping mine field
(4) Research on protective techniques of coal bed gas reservoir
(5) Well testing with injection pressure decline of coal bed gas and application of shut in well and some problems
(6) Prediction on content of coal bed gas with logging informations
3. Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology, Environgeology
(1) Environmental protection and comprehensive exploitation of mining area resources in the sustainable development of coal industry
(2) Research on geothermal abnormalisum and distributivbe law of underground hot water in Jidong Basin
(3) Features of lower horse strata and its significances for retain waterproof pillar in No.2 coal mine of Xinji
(4) Landslip mechanism and methods of comprehensively bring under control in northwest sid of west opencut coal mine
(5) Probe into engineering geological problems of No.2 level rock tunnel in chaili coal mine
(6) Chemical properties of underground water and its significances for distinguish on water source of mine in Yaoqiao coal mine
(7) Simply review on software development of diaphragm wall support design and constructional technigues
4. Geophysical Exploration and Drilling
(1) Probe into method on exam of coal-bed fractures with transformed wave
(2) Search gas reservoir of coal bed gas with seismic anisotropism of coal-bed fracture
(3) Technique and application of shock wave in underground project
(4) Controllable seismic source plane-telluric vibration model and parameters
(5) The identifying method on sound wave imaging of crackabscission layer and caving zones
(6) Applications of EH4 electromagnetic imaging system on exploration of underground water in Karst region of Central-western China
(7) Manufacture of composite slice core bit and its application
(8) Primary practice on controlled directive well techniques of petroleum
5. Exchange of Technology


1. Special Review
(1) Discussion on resources store and safely supply of coal
(2) Thinking on geological prospecting umits work in concert with great development in Western China
2. Coal Geology
(1) Coal structural controlled process of Linru coal-field
(2) Influence of nappe structure on geological condition of exploitation in Xinji mining area
(3) Analyses on structural features of Baiyanghe-Sigonghe reconnaissance area in Zhunnan coal-field
(4) Tectonic Features in Gaohe mine field of Luan mining area
(5) Paleogeographic Evolution of Late Paleozoic coal-bearing strata in Northern China
(6) Discussion on thermal evolution and secxondary hydrocarbon generation of organic matter from upper Paleozoic coal measures Northern China
3. Coal Bed Gas
(1) Analyses on producible and preservative conditions of coal gas of shahai formation in dongliang area of Fuxin coal-field
(2) Gas preservative law in Northern Datong coal-field
(3) Analyses on recovery rate of coal bed methane in Luan-Jincheng mining area
(4) Exploiting prospect of coal bed gas in north of the Huanghe river Zhangqiu and Zibo coal-fields
4. Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology, Environgeology
(1) Division and correlation of quatermary strata in Jingyuan Region of Gansu Province
(2) Present situation on exploitation and application of underground water resources and future countermeasures of water supply in shuangyashan city
(3) Application of remote sensing technology in the prospecting of water resources
(4) Study on meachanism of rock movement and subsidence in coal mining of shallow coal seam
(5) Study on engineering geologic property of bed rock weathering zone and the mechanism of decreasing protective coal column
(6) Technology on comloining soil nailing wall with light point well in retaining, perotecting and dewatering for foundation excavation
(7) Analysis and evaluation on the environmental hydrogeological characteristics in Changqing mine field
5. Geophysical Exploration and Drilling
(1) The theoretical study of time-lapse explode method and its application
(2) Applications of multichannel transient R. wave explorative techniques in the engineering prospecting of rocks and soils
(3) Application of D.C.electric method on surveying old mine area
(4) Manufacturing report of MDS-ф215 Cored tool
(5) Application of R59 drilling fluid in the construction of petroleum cluster well
(6) Simply review on well bore locus election of directional well in petroleum field
(7) Comprehensive testing and effect on engineering quality of draw water tunnel
(8) Application of stride hole ultrasonic wave in quality testing of concrete grouting pile
(9) Handing of datum in compresol pile basic project
6. Exchange of Technology

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