Complete Collection of Ceramic Art Unearthed in China (Volume 14) - Jiangxi (16 Volumes set)

中國出土瓷器全集 (14) - 江西

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Author: Zhang Bai
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030202550
Published on: 2008-01

Jiangxi China’s most advanced provinces for porcelain production. From ancient times to the present, Jiangxi is known to have the most famous kilns. Outside the reknown Jingdezhen, “China’ porcelain capital for 1000 years,” Jiangxi also has some of the earliest proto-porcelain kilns. Jiangxi kilns hold a supreme position in the history of Chinese ceramics. It can be also be said that if the country lacked Jiangxi province’s kiln data, China would not have a ceramic history. Guo Moruo once stated, “China is a country of porcelains and this captical (Jingdezhen)” represents the peak and height of the industry.”

【Main Contents】

1. Proto-porcelain jar
2. Proto-porcelain jar with lid
3. Proto-porcelain jar with S-shaped appliqués
4. Brown-glazed jar with two lugs and animal mask appliqués
5. Greenware (qingci or qingyouci) jar with lid and four loop-lugs
6. Greenware jar with four lugs and bowstring design
7. Greenware water pot in the shape of a rabbit
8. Greenware burial model of a barn with standing bird
9. Greenware burial models of well and pail
10. Greenware holder model of a toilet
11. Greenware holder in the shape of a lion
12. Greenware censer in the shape of Boshan (Mt. Bo)
13. Greenware chicken head jar with dish-shaped mouth
14. Greenware chicken head ewer with two lugs, Hongzhou ware
15. Greenware jar with four loop-lugs
16. Greenware dish with carved lotus décor
17. Green-glazed boat-shaped cups attached to a tray
18. Greenware five cups and tray (wuzhongpan)
19. Greenware burial model of a boat-shaped stove
20. Greenware tray with revolving and detachable cup
231. Blue-and-white cup with landscape painting and a mark of “Made in the Dingwei year of the Great Qing (1667)”, attr. Jingdezhen ware
232. Blue-and-white saucers with leaf design and verses, attr. Jingdezhen ware
233. Blue-and-white general’s helmet jar (jiang jun guan) with design of pheasant and peonies, attr. Jingdezhen ware
234. Blue-and-white dish with design of “three friends of the winter” and an epitaph dated 1784, attr. Jingdezhen ware
235. Blue-and-white with dragon design and an epitaph, attr. Jingdezhen ware
236. Blue-and-white dish with dragon and an epitaph, attr. Jingdezhen ware
237. Blue-and-white dish with an epitaph dated 1785, attr. Jingdezhen ware
238. Blue-and-white dish with dragon design and an epitaph dated 1790, attr. Jingdezhen ware
239. Blue-and-white dish with floral design and an epitaph dated 1795, attr. Jingdezhen ware
240. White-glazed stem dish with pale umber painting (qianjiangcai) of an old man fishing in cold river-snow

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