Complete Collection of Ceramic Art Unearthed in China (Volume 4) - Inner Mongolia

中國出土瓷器全集 (4) 內蒙古

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Author: Zhang Bai
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030202550
Published on: 2008-01

The major historical periods for porcelains unearthed in Inner Mongolia include Sui-Tang, Jin, Liao, Jin, and Yuan dynasties. The richest and most exquisite examples derive from the Liao and Yuan eras. The majority represents trade items or tribute from the Central Plains, thus, they are valuable for understanding different modes and styles of kiln manufacture in the Central Plains and how the porcelains from the Central Plains got widely distributed and exported.
The farming and herding peoples of Inner Mongolia, notable for their pivotal geographical location and atypical cultural environment, witnessed multi-faceted and multi-dimension ceramic discoveries that based on archaeological data may be regarded as a rich part of China’s porcelain heritage.

【Main Contents】

1. Greenware (qingci or qingyouci) bowl, Yue ware, Zhejiang
2. White-bottle with brown speckles
3. White-glazed bowl
4. White-glazed bowl
5. White-glazed ewer
6. Handled ewer in the shape of a parrot with green and yellowish glazes
7. Amber-glazed carrying flask with dish-shaped mouth and incised floral designs
8. Green-glazed vase with floral appliqués
9. Brown-glazed vase with dish-shaped mouth and appliqués
10. Brown-glazed jar with yellow splashes
11. Green-glazed bowl, Yue ware, Zhejiang
12. Greenware lobed bowl, Yue ware, Zhejiang
13. Greenware jar with a boltable cover, Yue ware, Zhejiang
14. White-glazed bowl with a “ying” mark, Xing ware, Zhejiang
15. White-glazed bowl with lobed rim, Xinag ware, Hebei
16. White-glazed bowl with lobed rim
17. White-glazed box
18. White-glazed handled cockscomb flask of leather pouch form
19. White-glazed carrying flask with dish-shaped mouth, Xing ware, Hebei
20. White-glazed jar in lobed melon shape
221. Blue-and-white bowl with two chrysanthemum sprays, Jingdezhen ware, Jiangxi
222. Blue-and-white stem up with dragon and cloud design moulded inside and painted outside, Jingdezhen ware, Jiangxi
223. Blue-and-white dish with six chrysanthemum scrolls on the outside and dragon and peony design inside, Jingdezhen ware, Jiangxi
224. Blue-and-white dish with motif of Mandarin ducks in lotus pond inside and six chrysanthemum scrolls outside, Jingdezhen ware, attr. Jiangxi
225. Blue-and-white dish, with motif of Mandarin ducks in lotus pond inside and six chrysanthemum scrolls outside, attr. Jingdezhen ware, Jiangxi
226. Blue-and-white pear-shaped ewer with dog cover and symmetrical peony spray designs, Jingdezhen ware, Jiangxi
227. Qingbai-glazed Maitreya figure with parts in biscuit, attr. Jingdezhen ware, Jiangxi
228. Qingbai-glazed stand in shape of a crouching elephant, attr. Jingdezhen ware, Jiangxi
229. Blue-and-white yuhuchun vase with phoenix and peony motif, attr. Jingdezhen ware, Jiangxi
230. Blue-and-white jar with lotus, peony and chrysanthemum design, Jingdezhen ware, Jiangxi
231. Qingbai-glazed spoon carved inside with a mark “Yan Le” (probably the owner’s name), attr. Jingdezhen ware, Jiangxi
232. Sancai-glazed incense burner
233. Bowl with marbled body
234. Black-glazed ewer of gourd form with handle in the shape of an old lady
235 Black-glazed meiping with sgraffito peony design
236. Greenware dishes
237. Greenware “fairness” cup (gongdaobei), with a tube inside the human figure, which will let an alcoholic beverage flow through the tube when it fills the cup to a point beyond its top opening, attr. Jingdezhen ware, Jiangxi
238. White-glazed Maitreya figure
239. Qingbai-glazed jars
240. Qingbai-glazed jars

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