Comprehensive Practice of Exploration & Evaluation Techniques in Complex Reservoirs


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Author: Cheng Xiaodong
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787518312474
Published on: 2016-05
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Comprehensive Practice of Exploration & Evaluation Techniques in Complex Reservoirs由程晓东、范乐元等编写的《复杂油气藏勘探评价技术及应用(英文版)》一书介绍了一系列高效实用的石油勘探评价技术、预测技术和工作思路,在海外非洲地区、中东地区和中亚地区的应用实践与完善创新,以及碎屑岩、碳酸盐岩和变质岩内多种复杂油气藏的地质特点、勘探评价方法和大量实例等。

1 Comprehensive Practice of Sequence Stratigraphy Techniques and Methods
1.1 Sequence stratigraphy study overview
1.1.1 Current status and prospect of sequence stratigraphy study
1.1.2 Sequence stratigraphy study methods
1.2 Sequence stratigraphy application in clastic formation
1.2.1 Palynological stratigraphy study and application effect
1.2.2 Comprehensive study on sequence stratigraphy of B-Z area, Muglad Basin
1.2.3 High-resolution sequence stratigraphic cmTelation of A area in the South Turgai Basin
1.3 Sequence stratigraphy application in carbonate formation
1.3.1 Study overview
1.3.2 Correlation of carbonate sequence stratigraphy in the central block of Pre-Caspian Basin
2 Comprehensive Practice of Structural Analysis and Sedimentary Facies Study
2.1 Structural interpretation and traps evaluation
2.1.1 Detailed structural interpretation and analysis in TM area, South Sudan
2.1.2 Structural analysis and traps evaluation in B-Z area, Muglad Basin
2.2 Analysis techniques of sedimentary facies
2.2.1 Palynofacies study and application
2.2.2 Carbonate sedimentary facies study in the central block of Pre-Caspian Basin
3 Comprehensive Practice of Reservoir Prediction and Evaluation
3.1 Reservoir prediction
3.1.1 Geostatistical inversion study on reservoir prediction in MC oilfield, Melut Basin
3.1.2 Comprehensive seismic reservoir prediction of a carbonate reservoir in Z oilfield, Pre-Caspian Basin
3.2 Reservoir evaluation techniques and applications for complex reservoirs
3.2.1 Logging evaluation of carbonate reservoirs
3.2.2 Logging evaluation of metamorphic reservoirs
3.2.3 Logging evaluation of clastic reservoirs
4 Exploration and Evaluation Techniques of Subtle Reservoirs
4.1 Subtle reservoirs study overview
4.1.1 Status and development trend of subtle reservoirs study
4.1.2 Difficulties and technical methods for subtle reservoirs study
4.2 Identification and evaluation of lithologic reservoirs
4.2.1 Lithologic reservoirs characteristics
4.2.2 Lithologic reservoirs in P oilfield, Melut Basin
4.2.3 Carbonate lithologic reservoirs in ZR oilfield, Pre-Caspian Basin
4.3 Identification and evaluation of stratigraphic reservoirs
4.3.1 Features of stratigraphic reservoirs
4.3.2 Stratigraphic reservoirs of the A exploration area in South Turgay Basin
4.3.3 Stratigraphic reservoirs of B-Z area in Muglad Basin

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