Conservation Tillage & Sustainable Farming


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Author: Chief Editor: Wang Zhicai and Gao Huanwen
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7801677102
Published on: 2004-01


The 2004-CIGR (International Commission of Agricultural Engineering) International Conference at Beijing is a forum on agricultural engineering for the new millennium. Session IV “Conservation Tillage and Sustainable Small Farming” is one of the main parts in the Conference.
Sustainable Farming (SF) is now a hot issue worldwide. Conservation Tillage (CT) is recognized as a viable concept for its comprehensive benefits on economic, environmental and sustainability of agriculture. CT has been extended in US, Australia, Canada and South American Countries on large mechanized farms using heavy machinery.

【Main Contents】

Group I Field Trials on Cropping (FTC)
● Conservation Tillage for Double-Crop Regions in North China
● Soil Compaction Associated with Typical Farm Machinery in Northern China
● A Scenario Analysis of Conservation Tillage Effects on Soil Organic Carbon Dryland Farming Systems of Northern China
● Research on the Seedlings Status under the Mechanized Bed-irrigating Snowing
● Continuous Experiment of No-tillage System for 12 Years in North of China
● A Farmer’s Experience of No-till Farming in Northern NSW Austrilia
● Tillage and Traffic Effects on Soil Mesofauna and Microfauna Populations in a Dryland Cropping System in South-East Queenland
● A Comparison of the Impact of 14 Years of Conservational and No-till Cultivation on Physical Properties and Crop Yields of a Loam Soil at Grafton NSW
● A Study on Existing Questions and Policies of Weeds Control in Triticum aestivum, Zea mays and Glacine max for Conservation Tillage Field
Group II Field Trials on Soils (FTS)
● Soil Structure Differences Resulting from Minimum Tillage and Controlled Traffic on Raised Bed Cropping Soils in Southern Australia
● Reducing Soil Compaction with In-Row Subsoiling and Controlled Traffic
● Effects of Minimum Tillage and No Tillage System on Crops Yield and Nitrogen Use of Wheat/Corn
● A Comparison of Subsoiling and Zero Tillage on Soil Properties and Crop Yield
● Evaluation of Four Reduced Tillage Methods with Different Rotations
Group III Machinery & Implements (MI)
Group IV Study & Application (SA)
Group V Sustainable Small Scale Farming (SS)
Group VI Water & Wind Erosion, Environment Protection (WW)
Group VII Economy, Policy & Development Strategy (EPS)

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