Contemporary Bamboo Architecture in China

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Author: K.W.Liu
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787302580218
Published on: 2022-04
Soft Cover

1 Distribution of Bamboo Forest Resources and Species for Construction
1.1 Chinese and Global Markets for Bamboo Structural Products
2 Types and Characteristics of Bamboo Materialsfor Construction Uses
2.1 Structure and Morphology of Bamboo
2.2 Bamboo as a Load-Bearing Structural Material
2.2.1 Full-Culm Bamboo
2.2.2 Engineered Bamboo
2.3 Bamboo as Enclosure and Decoration Materials
2.3.1 Bamboo Flooring
2.3.2 Indoor Bamboo Decorative Materials
2.4 Bamboo in Other Structural Load-Bearing Applications
2.4.1 Bamboo Scaffolding
2.4.2 Bamboo-Reinforced Concrete Structures
2.4.3 Bamboo-Reinforced Masonry Structures
2.4.4 Application of Bamboo Bars in Soil Reinforcement Engineering
2.4.5 Application of Ba mboo in Strengthening of Existing Structures
3 Research and Development Status of Different Types of Bamboo Structures
3.1 Full Culm Bamboo Structures
3.1.1 Research Status of Full Culm Bamboo Structures
3.1.2 Summary of Full Culm Bamboo Structures
3.2 Engineered Bamboo Structures
3.2.1 Research Achievements in Engineered Bamboo Structures
3.2.2 Summary of Engineered Bamboo Structures
4 Standards
4.1 International Standards
4.2 Chinese Bamboo Standards
5 International Organizations, Research Institutions, and Production and Processing Enterprises in China
5.1 International Organization
5.2 Research Institutions
5.2.1 Bibliographic Analysis Methodology
5.2.2 Findings
5.3 Production and Processing Enterprises
6 Case Studies
6.1 Bamboo as Decorative Materials
6.2 Bamboo as Structural Materials
6.3 Landscapes
6.4 Rural Construction
6.5 Transport Facilities
6.6 Water Pipelines and Urban nicipal Tunnels
7 Opportunities and Challenges for the Modern Bamboo Construction Industry in China
7.1 Advantages for Competition
7.1.1 Resources and Material Advantages
7.1.2 Industrial and Technological Advantages
7.1.3 The Advantage of Eco-culture Value
7.2 Disadvantages for Competition
7.2.1 Inadequate Basic Research
7.2.2 Inadequate Penetration of Automation in Bamboo Processing Industries
7.2.3 Lack of Standardisation
7.2.4 Lack of Capacity-Building for Professionals
7.3 Opportunities
7.3.1 Support by National Policies
7.3.2 Towns with Local Characteristics and Revitalization of Rural Areas
7.4 Threats
7.4.1 The Rising Cost ofLabour
7.4.2 Low Public Awareness of Bamboo Architecture
7.4.3 Risk in Bamboo Enterprises
7.5 Summary

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