(Continental Dynamics Series Volume 1)Deformation Mechanisms, Rheology, and Seismic Properties of Rocks

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Author: Shaocheng Ji
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787116056770
Published on: 2008-01

(1)Mechanical properties of multiphase materials and rocks: a phenomenological approach using generalized means
(2)A generalized mixture rule for estimating the viscosity of solid-liquid suspensions and mechanical properties of polyphase rocks and composite materials
(3)Porosity dependence of mechanical properties of rocks and solid materials

2.Deformation of garnets
(1)Elasticity of six polycrystalline silicate garnets at pressure up to 3.0 GPa
(2)Deformation of silicate garnets: brittle-ductile transition and its geological implications
(3)Ductility of garnet as an indicator of extremely high temperature deformation
(4)Diffusion creep of fine-grained garnetite: implications for the flow strength of subducting slabs
(5)Fracturing of garnet crystals in anisotropic metamorphic rocks during uplift
(6)Microstructures, petrofabrics and seismic properties of ultrahigh-pressure ecologites from Sulu region, China: Implications for rheology of subducted continental crust and origin of mantle reflections

3.Deformation of plagioclase
(1)Mechanical and microstructural characterization of calcium aluminosilicate (CAS, anorthite)
(2)Strain softening and microstructural evolution of anorthite aggregates and quartz-anorthite layered composites deformed in torsion
(3)Experimental deformation of sintered albite aggregate above and below the order-disorder transition
(4)Natural deformation fabrics of plagioclase: implications for slip systems and seismic anisotropy
(5)Recrystallization and fabric development in plagioclase
(6)Sense of shear in high-temperature movement zones from the fabric asymmetry of plagioclase feldspars

4.Deformation fabrics of quartz
(1)Quartz microstructures and c-axis preferred orientations in high-grade gneisses and mylonites around the morin anorthosite (Grenville Province)

5.Seismic properties
(1)Obliquity between seismic and electrical anisotropies as a potential indicator of movement sense for ductile shear zones in the upper mantle
(2)P-wave velocities, anisotropy and hysteresis in ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic rocks as a function of confining pressure
(3)Shear wave properties and Poisson’s ratios of ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic rocks from the Dabie-Sulu orogeni belt, China: implications for crustal composition
(4)Petrofabric, P-wave anisotropy and seismic reflectivity of high grade tectonites
(5)Shear-wave velocities anisotropy and splitting in high grade mylonites
(6)Calibration of shear-wave splitting in the subcontinental upper mantle beneath active orogenic belts using ultramafic xenoliths from the Canadian Cordillera and Alaska
(7)Seismic anisotropy of mantle xenoliths and constraints on upper mantle structure beneath the southern Canadian Cordillera
(8)Seismic reflectivity of a finely layered, granulite-facies ductile shear zone in the southern Grenville Province (Quebec)
(9)Seismic reflection response of folded structures and implications for the interpretation of deep seismic reflection profiles

6.Brittle deformation and fractures
(1)Location of tensile fracture within rigid-brittle inclusions in a ductile flowing matrix
(2)A revised model for the relationship between joint spacing and layer thickness
(3)Relationship between joint spacing and bed thickness in sedimentary rocks: effects of interbed slip

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