Cretaceous Palynostratigraphy, with Emphasis on Angiospermous Pollen Grains and their Evolution in Jiangsu Province, China (with CD-Rom)


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Author: Zhou Shanfu
Language: Chinese with English summary(P458-470)
ISBN/ISSN: 7894905673
2009; Hardcover;185x260mm;470 pages + 64 plates

The Mesozoic and Cenozoic terrestrial basin in the North Jiangsu Province belongs to the continental part of the North Jiangsu-South Yellow Sea Basin, covering an area of 3500 km2 with thick Cretaceous deposits. As a Yanshanian fault-depression basin, the Jurong Basin in the South Jiangsu Province was developed under the marine construction in the Lower Yangtze Region, covering an area of 1500 km2 with thick Jurassic and Cretaceous deposits. As a result of current geological survey, the Lower Cretaceous has so far mainly recovered from the South Jiangsu Province, while the Upper Cretaceous in the North Jiangsu Province.
With 28 years, accumulation of the data in the study for oil exploration, the authors have established a more or less complete sequence of the Cretaceous palynologicl assemblages including both North and South Jiangsu on the bases of a comprehensive comparison aamong palynological assemblages in the area and the determination of some important boundaries. A discussion on the evolutional stages of angiospermous pollen is also given with the sequence of the palynologicla assemblages as a basis. At the same time, a valued Cretaceous stratigraphical sequence is perfected based on fossils, isotope ages, and other evidences, including Longwangshaan Formation, Yunheshan Formation, Dawangshan Formation, Gecun Formation, Pukou Formation, Huaian Formation (or Chishan Formation) and Taizhou Formation in ascending order.
Rich spores and pollen grains were found in both core profiles and outcrops. Consequently, 20 Cretaceous and 1 Paleocene palynological assemblages are established as follows.


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