CRTSⅠBi-block Ballastless Track Sleeper Prefabrication and Laying Technology

CRTSⅠ型双块式无砟轨道轨枕预制与铺设技术 英文版

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Author: The Editorial Committee
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787113233839
Published on: 2017-07
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1 Overview of CRTS Ⅰ Bi-block Ballastless Track Structure
1.1 CRTS Ⅰ Bi block Ballastless Track Structure in Subgrade Section
1.2 CRTS Ⅰ Bi-block Ballastless Track Structure in Bridge Section
1.3 CRTS I Bi-block Ballastless Track Structure in Tunnel Section
1.4 General Construction of CRTS Ⅰ Bi-block Ballastless Track

2 Prefabrication and Production of CRTS Ⅰ Bi-block Sleeper
2.1 Basic Structural Requirement for Sleeper Yard
2.2 Tool and Equipment Allocation
2.3 Organization and Management of Bi-block Sleeper Production
2.4 Material Management for Sleeper Yard
2.5 Construction Process Flow for CRTS I Bi-bloek Sleeper
2.6 Operation Key Points for Critical Working Procedure
2.7 Bi-block Sleeper Construction Operation;
2.8 Quality Control

3 Construction Technology Process of CRTS Ⅰ Bi-biock Bailastless Track
3.1 General Construction Scheme
3.2 Construction Technology Process

4 Construction Preparation
4.1 Construction Documents Preparation and Review
4.2 Construction Investigation and Logistics Organization Plan Establishment
4.3 Construction Organization Design and Operation Instruction
4.4 CPⅢ Control Network Acceptance and Assessment
4.5 Assessment {or Settlement and Deformation of Structures
4.6 Construction Personnel Training and Mechanical Equipment Preparation
4.7 Construction of Process Test Section
4.8 Raw Material Site Inspection and Storage
4.9 Construction Handover

5 Construction Measurement
5.1 Surveying Overall Plan
5.2 Plane Control Measurement
5.3 Elevation Control Measurement
5.4 Layout of cPm Control Points
5.5 Maintenance of CPⅢ Control Network

6 Concrete Supporting Layer Construction at Subgrade Section
6.1 Basic Construction Technology Process
6.2 Technical Key Points of Slide Spreading Machine Construction
6.3 Technical Key Point of Formworking Method
6.4 Quality Standard and Control Key Points
6.5 Main Production Machine and Equipment and Testing Device
6.6 Labor Force Organization

7 Construction for Protective Layer and Convex Plate Concrete at Bridge Section
7.1 Basic Construction Technology Process
7.2 Construction Techniques Points
7.3 Main Technical Standard and Inspection Method
7.4 Main Production Machine and Equipment as well as Testing Devices
7.5 Labor Force Organization
7.6 Quality Control for Key Links

8 Construction of Concrete Track Bed Slab
8.1 Construction Technology Process of Track Bed Slab
8.2 Construction Techniques Points
8.3 Main Construction Technical Standard and Inspection Method
8.4 Allocation of Main Construction Equipment and Inspection Instrument
8.5 Labor Force Allocation
8.6 Quality Control for Key Link

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