Crustal Tectonic Framework and Geological Evolution of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China


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Author: Xiao Xuchang He Guoqi Xu Xin etc.
Language: Chinese
ISBN/ISSN: 9787116066021
Published on: 2010-01

This book was written by long-term in Xinjiang in earth science experts from various disciplines research, in the comprehensive study and sum up the crustal structure and geological evolution of Xinjiang based on the information division of labor has been formed to write. Xinjiang based on the geographical characteristics and the geological interpretation of geophysical data described deep crustal structure of Xinjiang; based on surface geological data, combination of palaeontological and palaeomagnetic data, to the Xinjiang crustal structure a new division of unit, and briefly described the various structural units of the geological composition features;from a global perspective the evolution of super-continent, Xinjiang expounded the composition of the Precambrian geological, spatial and temporal distribution and evolution of Precambrian Geology, northern Xinjiang and the Kunlun and Altun since Nanhua and geological evolution of new information; System summarizes the paleomagnetic study to date of Xinjiang and its geological significance of the results; and flora from the biogeography of the characteristics and relative significance of a number of important fossils that temporal and spatial distribution, briefly discusses the geological evolution of northern Xinjiang since the problem.

General Foreword
Chapter 1 Preface
Chapter 2 Geophysic field and deep-seated tectonics of Xinjiang
Chapter 3 Geo-tectonic Features of the Xinjiang crust
Chapter 4 Precambrian geological records and evolution of Xinjiang
Chapter 5 Geological evolution of Tianshan-Junggar-Altay mountains Since the Nanhua period
Chapter 6 Geological evolution of Kunlun mountains and Altun Shan since the Nanhua period
Chapter 7 Paleomagnetism and tectonic evolution of Xinjiang and its adjacent regions
Chapter 8 Geological evolution of Xinjiang crust in view of Paleozoic biogeographical provinces
Chapter 9 Epilogue
Appendix 1 List of project ciommitttee, expert committee, connecter and project office member during the “tenth-five”period of the national No.305 project
Appendix 2 Each undertaking unit of each subject and major researchers during the “tenth –five” period of the national No.305 project

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