Crust-Mantle Thermal Structure and Tectonothermal Evolution of the Tibetan Plateau

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Author: Shen Xianjie
Language: English
1996; Hardcover;187X260 mm;242

This monograph specilized in the thermal theme of the Tibetan mechanics in its geological evolution is dedicated to systematic studies on all relevant thermal aspacts including the terrestrial heat flow measurements, the distribution pattern of the observed heat flow along a N-S proffile, the crust-mantle thermal structure and its North-Middle-South triple heterogeneity across the whole plateau. The main emphasis has been put on the close correlation between thermal and comprehensive geophysical fields and the intrinsic genetic linkage between tectonic deformation of terranes and thereby includ deep-seated and superficial thermal activities and responses. Such a brand-new approach combined with substantial absorption of available geoscientific achievements in geology, geophysics and geochemistry of Tibetanresearchers has been uitimately developed into a synthetic idea of integrated tectonothermal evolution of the Tibetan plateau. Finally, a new prominet feature of coexisting thick and warm crustidentified in addition to the world-famous mysteries of the successive amalgamation of terranes, the extremely thick crust and the rapid and accelerating uplift of the Tibetan Plateau

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 A brief outline of previous studies relevent to the Tibetan Tectonothermal evolution;
Chapter 2 Results of heat flow measurements on the Tibetan Plateau and their quality evaluation;
Chapter 3 Heat flow distribution pattern and the Crust-mantle Thermal structure of the Tibetan Plateau;
Chapter 4 Methodology of the study on the integrated tectonothermal evolution of the Tibetan Plateau.
Chapter 5 Tectonic Framework of the 3D terrane deformations constrained by the surface uplift history
Chapter 6 Simulation of the integrated tectonothermal evolution and the main results. Conclutions


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