CSM 2005 Annual Meeting Proceedings (Vol.3)

2005中国钢铁年会论文集 第三卷

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Author: Li Wenxiu
Language: Chinese with English Abstract
ISBN/ISSN: 7502438343
Published on: 2005-01

External Treatment/Steelmaking/Continuous Casting

1. The Technology of Dephosphorization in Hot Metal Has been Discussed in Baoshan Iron & Steel CO., LTD

2. The Application of KR Technoklogy in Baoshan Iron & Steel CO.,LTD. Stainless Steel Branch

3. Development and Application on Long Life Technology of Inverted T Shape Desulphurization Lance

4. Study on Pretreatment Dephosphorization From Molten Iron with Slightly High Silicon Content

5. Mathematical Modeling of Desulphurisation by CaO Based Powder Injected into Molten Pig Iron in Transfer Ladle


147. Study on the Properties and Applications of ZrO2 with Doped Oxides

148. Laser-induced Breakdown Spectrometer-A new Tool for Fast Analysis of on the spot Sample in Metallurgy

149. Shanghai 5th Steel Results from the First 18 Month of Operation

150. On Capability of Independent Integration & Innovation of Steel Corporation


1. Study and Outlook of Nano-Metalluray Process

2. Research Development of Self Surface Nanocrystallization on Steels

3. Nucleation of Intragranular Ferrite at Manganese Titanium Oxide and MnS Inclusions in Si-Mn-Ti Deoxidized Steel

4. Simulation Technique for Dendrite Morphology Development During Alloy Solidification

5. Technology Research on Special Steel Melted by Converter


40. Continuous Casting Operation and Steel Cleanliness Control

41. Application of Converter Dry Gas Cleaning Process in Lai-steel

42. Research on the Properties of 600 MPa Grade High Heat Input Welding Steel

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