Cycads in China


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Author: Wang Faxiang
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 7535916724
Published on: 1996-01

Started with the background of the worldwide cycads groups, the editors of this monograph concentrate their mind to Cycas in China, it consists of taxonomy, anatomy, isoenzymes, chromosomes, pollen morphology, resource distribution and protection countermeasures, propagation and cultivatuion, diseases and pests control and utilization, etc. 27 species are described with colourful photographs and illustrations which are new to science.

1.Random Talking about Cycads
(1)Wide uses of Cycads
(2)Cycads and the Culture of Folk Custom our country
(3)Cycads and Buddhistic Culture of our Country
(4)The Aesthetic Charactersitics of Cycas
2.Systematic Classification and Brief Introduction of Cycadales
(1)Brief History of the Study and Classification on Cyadales
(2)Chief Introduction of Stangeriaceae
(3)Chief Introduction of Zamiaceae
3.Systematic Classification and Geographic Distribution of Cycadaceae
(1)Brief History of Studies on Cycas
(2)Classitication of Cycas
(3)Taxonomy of Cycas
(4)Species and Geographlic Distribution of Cycas
4.Taxonomy of Cycas in China
(1)Previous Studies on Taxonomy of Cycas in China
(2)Classification of the Genus Cycas in China
(3)Descriptions of Species of the genus Cycas in China
5.Morphology and Anotomy on Cycas in China
(1)Materials and Methods
(2)Results of Observation
6.An Isoenzymes study on Cycas in China
(1)Materials and Methods
(2)Results and Disscussion
7.A Chromosome Study on Cycas in China
(1)Mateials and Methods
(2)Results and Discussions
8.A Study on the Pollen Morphology of Cycas in China
(1)Materials and Methods
(2)The Morphological Character of the Pollen in Cycas
9.Distribution of Resources of cycads in China and Countermeasures of Protection]
(1)The Distribution of Hesources of cycads in China
(2)Situation of Growth and Decline of Resourceds of Cycas in China and the Endangered Conditions
10.Propagation and Cultivation of cycas in China
(1)The Characteristics of Biology and Ecology of Cycas in China
(2)The Methods of Reproduction for Cycad
(3)Cultivation of Cycads
11.Diseases and Pests on Cycads in China
(1)The Pests on Cycads in China
(2)The Diseases on Cycads in China
12.Application of Cycad of China in Gardens
(1)Cycad Application History in Gardens and Cultivation Situation
(2)Application of Cycas in Gardens
(1)The Names and Codes of herbaria
(2)Illustration for Morphological Terms of Cycad
(3)Terms for Anotnmy, Isoenzymen, Chromosome, Pollen Morphology

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