Darriwilian to Katian (Ordovician) Graptolites from Northwest China


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Author: Chen Xu
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787308159715
Published on: 2016-10
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Darriwilian to Katian (Ordovician) Graptolites from Northwest China,The preparation of this monograph is the outcome of stratigraphic investigations carried on for nearly 30 years in Northwest China. The discovery of rich and well preserved graptolite faunas that are associated with conodonts in the geologic formations of Northwest China has provided an improved integrated biostratigraphy for more precise regional and global stratigraphic correlations of the Darriwilian (Middle Ordovician) and Sandbian (Upper Ordovician) stages. Wrking out the distribution, identification, and precise correlation of these graptolite and conodont faunas has significantly improved our understanding of the geologic history of Northwest China. We think that these graptolite faunas are important enough to demand a monographic treatment, with special reference to their systematic taxonomy, range, and geographic distibution.Additionally, a graphic correlation of the studied sections, a biodiversity analysis, and an examination of the Darriwilian to Sandbian graptolite black shales (Saergan, Pingliang, and Longmendong formations) for the potential of the oil and gas source rocks, are conducted.
The resulting collection of thousands of graptolite specimens, which was identified to include 131 species of 43 genera through the mid-Darriwilian to early Katian, provides a solid basis for the present taxonomic study.

1. Introduction
2. Biostratigraphy
2.1 Tarim and Its Peripheral REgions
2.2 West Marginal Belt of the North China Platform
3. Relations Between Darriwilian and Sandbian Conodont and Graptolite Biozones
3.1 Introduciton
3.2 Study Collections
3.3 Conodont-graptolite Biozone Relations
3.4 Regional Comparison
3.5 Concluding Remarks
4. A Graphic Correlation and Diversity Analysis of the Upper Darriwilian to Lower Katian Graptolites
4.1 Introduciton to the Database
4.2 Graphic Correlation and Construction of the Composite Standard (CS)
4.3 Diversity Patterns of the Upper Darriwilian to Lower Katian Graptolites
5. A Comment on the Saergan, Yingan and Equivalent Formations as Potential Source Rocks for Petroleum
5.1 Ordovician Black Shales in Tarim
5.2 Ordovician Black Shales in the Western Margin of North China
6. Systematic Palaeontology
Class Graptolithina Bronn, 1849
 Order Dendroidea Nicholson, 1872, emend. Bulman, 1938
 Order Graptoloidea Lapworth, 1875 (in Hopkinson and Lapworth, 1875)

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