Demersal Fishes in Eastern Central Atlantic


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Author: Yang Dekang
Language: Chinese, Latin name
ISBN/ISSN: 7532225119
Published on: 2000-01

All the content of this book took from the fishing information and photos, which have been collected by the company's fishing boats actually operating in Eastern Central Atlantic Ocean during the past fifteen years and then selected, classified and identified by experts. According to the distribution, frequency occurred in the catch, economic value of the fishery resources, this book briefly introduces by selection the morphological characteristic, distribution, ecological character of the main economic fish species, crustaceans and cephalopods and its fishing gears, economic value and processing technique. Each fish species in this book has been given in order of the Latin, Chinese, English, Spanish and French names, as well as the common or local name and the trade name, so it is easy for readers to understand and exchange information from each other. Corresponding illustrated color photos are also provided for most of the fish species in this book for aneasy verification. The book has collected 16 fish species subordinated to 20 orders. 70 families and 112 genera; 9 crustaceans subordinated to 1 orders, 6 families and 7 genera; 9 cephalopods subordinated to 1 orders, 4 families and 6 genera. All fishes in this book is arranged according to the classification system in by Joseph S. Nelson (1994)

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