Development of Mathematics in the 19th Century vol.1

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Author: Felix Klein
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787040453515
2016-06;  Hardcover

ChapterⅠ Gauss
Applied Mathematics
Pure Mathematics
ChapterⅡ France and the Ecole Polytechnique in the First Decades of the Nineteenth Century
Mechanics and Mathematical Physics
Analysis and Algebra
Chapter Ⅲ The Founding of Crelle's Journal and the Rise of Pure Mathematicsin Germany
The Analysts of Crelle's Journal
The Geometers of Crelle's Journal
Chapter Ⅳ The Development of Algebraic Geometry After Moebius, Pluecker and Steiner
The Elaboration of a Purely Projective Geometry
The Parallel Development of Algebra: Invariant Theory
N—dimensional Space and General Complex Numbers
Chapter Ⅴ Mechanics and Mathematical Physics in Germany and England Until About 1880
Mathematical Physics
Chapter Ⅵ The General Theory of Functions of Complex Variables According to Riemann and Weierstrass
Bernhard Riemann
Karl Weierstrass
Chapter Ⅶ Deeper Insigbt into the Nature of Algebraic Varieties and Structures
The Further Development of Algebraic Geometry
The Theory of Algebraic Integers and Its Interaction with the Theory of
Algebraic Functions
Chapter Ⅷ Group Theory and Function Theory; Automorphic Functions
Group Theory
Automorphic Functions 

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