Devonian Reefs and Reef Complexes in Guilin, Guangxi, China


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Language: Chinese with English summary
Published on: 1998-01

A professional volume contains rich data on Devonian refs and reef complexes in guilin, South China. Based on the result of a long term study under multidisciplinary principles of geology and palaeobiology, especially based on th result of paleobiologic study on many fossil groups and bioevents, on the lithostratigraphic, biostratigraphic, sequence stratigraphy, chronostratigraphy, on th sedimentology, microfacies analysis of carbonate rocks, etc. It reveals that the region of present Guilin and its adjacent region was covered by warm and shallow marine and was prosperous with the reef development in the Middle and Late Devonian. B the beginning of th egeologic time interval approximately equivalent to the varcus conodont zone there strarted a record of carbonate deposition in Guilin. It was until the late Famennian and earliest Carbniferous that the reefs were intermittently developed along the margin of carbonate platform, an in places in the interior of platform. As a whole the marine Devonian form a megacycle mainly composed of the clastics at the base , and of the carbonates at the above, where some hiates of various scale can be found. Some patch reefs, fringing reefs and algal mounds of smaller size occurred mainly in the earlier stage of the carbonate platform development in Givetian, whereas the barrier reefs along the margin of platform and rare patch reefs behind them were growing int eh late developmental stage mainly in Frasnian, locally in Famennian. A discussion is made on the global or subglobal eustasy and tectonic controlling result in the sea level changes and bioevents, and how to effect on the reef development. A synthesis on the mode of development of the Devonian reef complexes in Guilin is displayed at the final section. This volume covers with 27 plates, 57 text-figures and 3 tables.

1. Introduction
2. Regional geology and stratigraphy
3. Lithostratigraphy
4. Biostratigraphy
5. Sequence stratigraphy
6. Reefs, reef complexes and mounds
7. Aspects of diagenesis
8. Sea-level change and reef development
9. References
10. List of tex-figures
11. List of tables
12. Index of genera and species
13. Plates and explanation of plates
14. Chinese abstract

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