Diagnostics Based Upon Observation of Palmer Lines: Chinese Palmistry in Medical Application

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Author: Wang Chenxia
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7805517681
Published on: 2013-07
Soft Cover

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Chapter One:  Inquiry into the Mystery of Palmar Lines as a Subject of Ancient Origin
Chapter Two:  The Hand and the Skin and Lines of the Palm
I . The Dissection of the Hand
II. Features of the Skin on the Palm
llI. A Preliminary Inquiry into the Contributing Factors to the Palmar Lines
Chapter Three The Forms of the Five Fingers and the Division of the Areas on the Palm
I . The Forms of the Fingers and Their Significance for Diagnosis by Observing the Palmar Lines
II. The Division of Areas across the Palm
Ill. The Homologous Relationships between the Palmar Areas and the Internal Organs
Chapter Four: The Lines of the Palm and Their Corresponding Diseases
I . The Fourteen Lines on the Palm
II. Features of the Palmar Lines and Their Relationships with Diseases
Chapter Five: Changes of the Palmar Lines and Abnormal Lines Commonly Encountered
I . The Growth and Decline of Palmar Lines 
II. The Eight Abnormal Lines Commonly Encountered
Chapter Six Diagnoses of Commonly Encountered Diseases through Observing Palmar Lines and Other Physical Features 

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