Diwa Theory-Activated Tectonics And Metallogeny(out of print)

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Author: Chen Guoda
Language: English
Published on: 2000-01

This book is a monograph on diwa theory founded by the author in 1956 and listed as one of the important events in the history of world science. The contents include: an initial theory established on the basis of the diwa region, a newly recognized tectonic element of the continental crust; a series of new theoretical concepts related to the theory as its extensions; historistic-causationist geotectonics developed from it; and the activated tectonics theoretical system consisting of diwa tectonics and crustobody tectonics as two core concepts, five constituents and four derivative disciplines. The book also deals with some special matters related to diwa theory, tectonic features of China and crustobody tectonics of Asia.
The book is a summarizing work treating the geology of continents by using the historical-dynamic integrated analysis method. It is useful for those who are engaged in basic research on earth science and in practical activities in the field of applied science.

1. Introduction to the Activated Tectonics or Geodepression (Diwa) Tectonics Theory
2. Basic Research Methods in the Activated Tectonics or Geodepression (Diwa) Tectonics Theory-The Historical-Dynamic Integrated Analysis Method
3. Diwa (Geodepression) Region-A New-type Post-platform Mobile Region
4. Theory of Progression with Transformation between Mobile and Stable Regions-A New Recognition of the General Regularity in Crustal Development
5. Progressive (Activated) Tectonic Ore Formation Theory-A new Theory of Ore Formation by Tectonic Evolution
6. Crustobody-A new Concept in Integrative Geotectonics
7. Hypothesis of Mantle Creep-Flow and Geothermal Energy Coacervation-Diffusion Alternation-A Probe of the Dynamic Source for Crustobody Evolution-Movement and Mineralizations
8. Some Special Matters Related to the Activated Tectonics or Geodepression (Diwa) Tectonics Theory
9. Outlines of Tectonics of China
10. Crustobody Tectonics of Asia and Its Adjacent Seas

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