Dragonflies and Damselflies of China ( in 2 volumes )

中国蜻蜓大图鉴 (两卷)

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Author: Haomiao Zhang
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 9787568910378
Published on: 2019-01

耗时十年,全书1492页, A4开本,分成上下两册,包括蜻蜓概述;差翅亚目(蜻蜓);间翅亚目;束翅亚目(豆娘)及蜻蜓稚虫五大部分。

I began to prepare this field guide in 2009, this work has taken almost ten years. It brings together field observations of dragonflies and the results of taxonomic studies. A total of 820 species belonging to 23 families, 178 genera  from all over China are illustrated. more than in any comparable book worldwide. The thousands of beautiful photos have been carefully selected from over 200000 shots. They are chosen to show a species in the best view and help the readers to quickly identify species with the help of the generalized identification text. Diagnostic photos, including wing venation, anal appendages, secondary genitalia, etc, are taken   from specimens in my collection. It was a difficult and complex task to select photos from my large photo library and edit both Chinese and English languages. However, this book is still not complete, for with continuing fieldwork, more new species and new records will be discovered, China will probably be the first country to have over a thousand dragonfly species. Hopefully this colourful field guide will stimulate further interest in the fascinating Chinese odonate fauna.  -  from Preface 

1. 作品原创:所有内容由作者本人撰写和编辑;
2. 收录中国蜻蜓物种全面的彩色图鉴:全书收录中国蜻蜓3亚目23科175属820种(束翅亚目13科65属293种,间翅亚目1科1属3种,差翅亚目8科106属522种);也是蜻蜓图鉴中收录蜻蜓物种多、展现角度完整的彩色图鉴;
3. 书中包含彩色图片3500余幅,是对蜻蜓美学价值的展示。作为鉴定物种重要的识别图鉴,书中对于每个物种有简介而精准的描述,并结合大量的分类特征图像,为读者提供了简单快速的鉴定方法;
4. 中英双语,蜻蜓学界三位专家助力(澳洲蜻蜓学家Albert Orr,芬兰蜻蜓学家 Matti H?m?l?inen及美国蜻蜓学家Rosser Garrison);国内多名专家参与审阅(昆虫博物学家,张巍巍先生;华南农业大学,童晓立教授;西南大学,张志升教授);
5. 一本全面的中国蜻蜓名录。
6.豪华包装  所有版本,每一套书都是配备独立的包装箱,精装版的上下两册经过塑封后装入书匣,后封装在量身定做的包装箱中

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