Drawing Album of the Coal Mining Methods Used in China


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Author: Xu Yongqi
Language: Chinese with English summary
Published on: 1990-01

The developing history and up-to-date state of coal mining methods applied in China’s coal mines sice 1949 have been summarized in this book. Totally 193 tapical examples, which are applied effectively now and of advanced level in China, are collected. Both figures and articals, principally the figures, are shown in the book. More than 300 colour figures and more than 150 colour photos are included. For each example, the general situation, the statement on the application results and the analyses of its applicability are all introduced.
There are six chapters in this book, they are: general comments, roadway layouts of longwall caving ining, mining technology of longwall caving, mining methods in steeply inclined coal seams, other kinds of mining methods, surface mining methods and appendix. The main contents of this book are the introduction of the mining methods applied in state-run coal mines, while several tapical examples of mining methods applied in local government operated coal mines are also collected in it.

1.Roadway Layouts of Mining Sections for Longwall Caving Mining in Gently Inclined, Inclined Coal Seams (Totally 65 cases)
(1)Roadway Layouts of Mining Sections (or Panels) for the Longwall Retreating on the Strike in Single Coal Seam
(2)Combined Layouts of Mining Sections (Panels) in Which longwall Caving Retreating on the Strike, in Multiseams
(3)Roadway Layouts of the Longwall Caving Methods on the Inclination
(4)Roadway Layout When Mining Continuously Over Roadways and Pillarless Mining Are Carried Out
(5)Roadway Layouts of Mining Sections Under Complex Conditions
2.Mining Technology of the Longwall Caving Method in Gently Inclined and Inclined Coal Seams (Totally 53 cases)
(1)Mining Technology of the Fully Mechanized for Longwall in Thin and Medium Thick Coal Seams
(2)Mining Technology of the Fully Mechanized Longwalls in Thick Coal Seams
(3)Mining Technique of the Mechanized Longwall Supported by Individual Hydraulic props
(4)Mining Technique of the Mechanized Longwall Supported by Frictional Metal Props
(5)Mining Technique of the Demechanized Longwall
3.Mining Methods and Roadway Layouts of the Mining Sections in Steeply Inclined Coal Seam (Totally 29 cases)
(1)Mining Under the Protection of Flexible Shields
(2)Horizontally Grouped Top-coal Drawing Mining Method
(4)Longwall Mining Retreating on the Strike
(5)Other Kinds of Mining Methods in Steeply Inclined Coal Seams
(6)The roadway Layouts of Mining Sections for Extracting steeply Inclined coal seams
4.Other Kinds of coal Mining Methods (totally 30 cases)
(1)Hydraulic Sand Filling Mining Methods
(2)Coal Mining Under Buildings, Railways and Water Bodies
(3)Hydro-Mechanical Mining
(4)Room and Pillar Mining
(5)Robbing coal Pillar
5.Surface Mining Methods
(1)Shouel Loading-railroad Haulage System
(2)Shovel Loading-truck Haulage System
(3)Other Technoogical Systetms

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