Early Carboniferous to Early Permian Fusulinids from Zongdi Section in Southern Guizhou


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Author: Shi Yukun, Yang Xiangning and Liu Jiarun
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030355287
Published on: 2012-09

Main part of this book is in English.Detailed examination and systematic study on fossil materials are the basis of paleontology. In this research, systematic study has been concluded to investigate the Early Carboniferous to Early Permian fusulinid materials from the Zongdi Section, located in Southern Guizhou,South China. As results of this study, 438 species, including subspecies, conformis species, variation species and undermined species, belonging to 38 genera have been identified. 13 fusulinid zones have been established for the strata from the Dewuan to Luodianian, and they are, in ascending order, Eostaffella-Eostaffellina Abundance Zone, Pseudostaffella Abundance Zone, Profusulinella deprati Range Zone, Profusulinella chaohuensis-P.fenghuangshanensis Interval Zone, Fusulina-Fusulinella Abundance Zone, Protriticites ziyunensis Abundance Zone, Triticites hobblensis Range Zone, Triticites panteleevi Abundance Zone, Sphaeroschwagerina subrotunda Range Zone, Eoparafusulina ovata Abundance Zone, Staffella-Pseudoendothyra Assemblage Zone, Misellina termieri Abundance Zone, Misellina pamirensis-Misellina ovalis Concurrent-Range Zone. This book was published by Science Press.

1 绪言 Preface
2 宗地剖面介绍 Introduction to Zongdi Section
3 宗地剖面蜓类化石带及其对比 Comparision of Fusulinid Fossil area with others
3.1 宗地剖面蜓类化石带
3.2 与国内外蜓类化石带的对比
4 宗地剖面 动物群及其地层意义
Eoparafusulina ovata Fauna of Zongdi Section and its importance to geological formation.
5 Systematic Paleontology of Major Fusulinid Species
6 Summary
Species Index
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