Early Cretaceous Angiospermous Pollen From Eren Basin, Nei Mongol


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Author: Hua Ruhong
Language: Chinese with English summary
Published on: 1991-01

The Eren Basin of North China is a lage continental basin extending from 107°30'to 119°10'E longitude and from 42°to 45°45'N latitude with an area of 100 000km2, in which the Mesozoic especially the Lower Cretaceous strata are completely developed. In this paper, 14 genera, 46 species of fossil angiospermous pollen found from the Early Cretaceous are described in the Chinese text, among which 2 new genera (Songipollis gen. Nov.and Xuipollis gen. Nov.) and 15 new species are described in the English Summary, with 9 species particularly described in greater detail. In this region, three angiospermous pollen zones are distinguished and five evolutionary stages of angiospermous pollen in Early Cretaceous are suggested, with a discussion on some related problems.

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