Elements of Vorticity Aerodynamics


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Author: Wu Zhenyuan
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787313116239
Published on: 2014-12

Elements of Vorticity Aerodynamics   《涡量空气动力学原理(英文版)》涉及学科前沿的重要发展趋势和研究成果;反映交叉学科、前沿学科的最新进展;具有理论或应用方面的重要价值。为了有利于体现这些原则,本套出版物在编著过程中,在具有一定的系统性和可读性的前提下,可以有思维和逻辑的适度跳跃;同时,本套出版物拟采取循序渐进的递进式出版程序以及灵活的出版方式。

1. Introduction 
1.1 Preliminaries 
1.2 Differential Equations, Initial and Boundary Conditions 
1.3 Major Assumptions 
1.4 Vorticity—Dynamic Formulation 
2. Theorems of Helmholtz and Kelvin 
2.1 Introduction 
2.2 Kinematic—Kinetic Partition of Flow Problem 
2.3 Kinematic Preliminaries 
2.4 Helmholtz' First Vortex Theorem 
2.5 Vorticity Loops 
2.6 Kelvin's Theorem 
2.7 Helmholtz' Second Vortex Theorem 
2.8 Concluding Remarks 
3. Vorticity Kinematics 
3.1 Differential Equations of Vorticity Kinematics 
3.2 Vector Identities 
3.3 Poisson's Equation and Integral Representations 
3.4 Poisson's Equation and Boundary Conditions 
3.5 Law of Biot—Savart 
3.6 Generalized Law of Biot—Savart 
3.7 Uniqueness of Solution 
3.8 Boundary Conditions in Vorticity Kinematics 
4. Vorticity Kinetics 
4.1 Navier—Stokes Momentum Equation 
4.2 Convection and Material Derivative 
4.3 Viscous Force and Diffusion of Momentum 
4.4 Vorticity and Flow Regions 
4.5 Appearance and Transport of Vorticity 
4.6 Speeds of Vorticity Transport 
4.7 Boundary Conditions in Vorticity Kinetics 
4.8 Approaching Steady Flow 
5. Vorticity—Moment Theorem 
5.1 Preliminary Remarks 
5.2 Total Vorticity Conservation 
5.3 Asymptotic Behavior of Velocity Field 
5.4 Total Velocity 
5.5 Aerodynamic Force 
5.6 Moment of Aerodynamic Force 
5.7 Two—Dimensional Flows 
5.8 Observations 
6. Classical Aerodynamics 
6.1 Vorticity—Moment Theorem 
6.2 Kutta—Joukowski's Theorem and Vortical Flow Zones 
6.3 Non—Streamlined Flow and Karman Vortex Street 
6.4 Vorticity Loop and Vorticity Moment 
6.5 Lifting—Line Theory: Uniform Circulation Lift 
6.6 Lift on Finite Wing with Variable Circulation 
6.7 Induced Drag 
6.8 Wake—Integral Expressions for Lift and Drag 
7. Unsteady Aerodynamics 
7.1 Aircraft and Streamlined Flows 
7.2 Animal Flight and Flapping Wings 
7.3 Classical vs. Vorticity—Dynamic Approach 
7.4 Apparent Mass of Sphere and Circular Disk 
7.5 Apparent Mass Coefficients 

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